Accidents happen everywhere

by Sioned Huws

Japan is famous for its earthquakes. The nuclear power plants built there took this into account and the reactors there are amongst the most developed and sophisticated in the world.

Yet an unforseen accident happened and despite all guarantees given by the nuclear industry that this form of producing energy is safe and that they have thought of all possible events,this was a lie.

Scientific experts are not gods - they are not infallable. They cannot predict when or what the earth is going to do next. They cannot either guarantee that there will be no major earthquakes or no unforseen accidents in Ynys Mon.

The Fukushima plant is out of control. It is so dangerous that nobody can go near it to diagnose the problem and decide what is the best solution. The blind is leading the blind. The experts have resorted to using sea water... the last resort.

The aftermath of a nuclear accident is catastrophic and cannot be contained. We cannot see radiation but wherever it lands it will have an effect - on humans, animals, plants, rivers, seas, cars, buildings, economies etc.

How can we ever justify building any more of them? How could the population of Ynys Mon be evacuated if there was an accident and the bridges were damaged?

Wylfa A is getting older and its operational years keep on being extended. I seriously suggest that it should be shut down as soon as possible.

Playing with nuclear is more dangerous and irresponsible than playing with fire. There are safer alternatives and plenty of them in Wales. Lets start using them and reject any suggestions about a Wylfa B.

The nuclear industry has done enough damage to the world already. Lets stop doing any more nuclear damage and learn from Fukushima. Wylfa B - No thanks.

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Jun 27, 2015
by: george woolley

Hi We have just had 21 days on angelsey in a caravan at RYNYS and it was fantastic warm sunny
nice walks on the beach at LIGGWY .

Mar 18, 2011
nuclear power
by: george woolley

Yes like Sioned I am worried about nuclear power I have said before this Island is to nice /good ,and just about the best place in the world. I could walk the sea shores for ever ,or walk over Parys mountain.

We have holidayed for the past 23 years on Angelsey and over the last three years spent 120 weeks on there it is paradise .But the welsh office have to find employment for the nice people who live on the island .regards george

Mar 18, 2011
worrying time
by: Anonymous

yes, i am worried about all this. the pictures on the tv don't give us much confidence.

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