Turning The Tides By Allen of Beaumaris

by Sue Beesley

Review of the book Turning the Tides by Allen of Beaumaris. An old man looks back on what Anglesey did (could do) if we only harnessed the under-water unceasing power of the tides.

By 2065 Anglesey produces - all from renewable sources - enough electricity to supply all its households with cheap, pollution-free, power, and sell to the mainland.

The whole of the island produces organic crops, exporting top quality duckling for the table, allows no diesel or petrol driven vehicles on its roads, halves its class sizes and doubles the number of teachers.

The island has its own Assembly, a thriving tourist trade, two barrages across the Straits producing electricity and everyone runs a small electric family car.

By being an engineer the main character develops an under-water fin turbine, goes on to design large capacity batteries to run buses and trains.

His father, a farmer, promotes the use of comfrey and the organic growing of fruit and vegetables.

It is a novel with the young engineer’s life story forming the thread of a possible future. Not technical, fully possible.

Available from bookshops or direct from the author in his gallery at 15 Church Street, Beaumaris, LL58 8ET. free.

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