Tracing Our Family Tree on Parys Mountain

by Kathleen Powell be Jones

My sisters and I visited Anglesey last week for the first time to find the home of my Grandmother Jane T Jones, near Parys Mountain.

Born 1895, her father was Owen Jones born 1872 mother Hannah Tudor Jones. Born 1871 Their mother and father was Samuel Tydur Roberts 1829-1888 and Grace Tudor Rowlands 1831 all her children were born in the now ruins of Tyn y Mynydd on Parrys mountains ordnance survey map 45 / 54 next to the water lakes.

She brought 11 children up in this house. We have all the names and were over come with joy when we found this place in the rain. We also found the house our great, great, great Aunty Ellinor Mary Roberts lived. Born 1812 which was Cerrig-y Bleiddiau (stone wolves).

Please can anyone help trace the history of the family.

Our descendants come from Llaneilian: Thomas Roberts born 1784 and Gwen Thomas born ? 1786 We can't get any further!

We think this family lived and worked in the Parys Mountain but we do not know their trades.

Kathleen Olwyn and Gwynyth Tudor Jones

Can anyone help us?

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Jun 24, 2021
Same family
by: Gareth Hutchinson


I am researching my family and decided to Goole his name and your request appeared.

It looks like we may have the same family here.

It would be fantastic to discuss further. This is a fairly new discovery for me.

Grace Roberts (nee Rowlands) was a great auntie with her father Hugh Rowland(s) being my 4x great grandfather.


Sep 25, 2017
by: Kathleen Powell nee Jones

After a visit to Parys mountain again and the museum about the Copper Kingdom. We have learned that our relatives is Mr Roberts the most famous butcher. We hope that one day we will return.

Oct 27, 2016
The family of Kathleen Powell Nee Jones
by: KatieFinding family ancesters

Found them and the family home in Mona mine. Lived in Tyn y mynydd. Samual Tudor Roberts Smithy married to Hannah Tudor Rowlands . His mother and father was Thomas Roberts and mother Gwen Roberts nee Rowlands from Llaneilian. it was an amazing journey. Coming back home. The whole family lived and worked in the copper kingdom. It was amazing to find house where once Ellen Roberts lived Cae Syr Rhys,

Jul 04, 2015
Family on Parys Mountain
by: John

Are you aware of this site, it could help you a lot;

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