The CrossFit Place, Gaerwen, Free Taster Afternoon

by Jo Quinney
(Menai Bridge)

Susie and Phil Brown, The CrossFit Place

Susie and Phil Brown, The CrossFit Place

When Phil Brown, a sports and remedial massage therapist, discovered CrossFit, he realised that it was the perfect programme for improving his clients posture and movement patterns, making them stronger and fitter and thereby avoiding further injuries.

He and his wife Susie founded The CrossFit Place in Llanddaniel 18 months ago. Following dramatic growth, they have recently moved to a bigger unit on the Gaerwen Industrial Estate to accommodate the growing numbers of keen CrossFitters.

“Treating people in clinic was effective to a point, but unless I gave them a means to improve their movement, they would just get injured again. I discovered CrossFit and realised that the basic moves it taught were applicable not only as the means to elite levels of fitness, but also as gentle rehab movements,” says Phil Brown, owner and coach at The CrossFit Place.

Founded by renegade fitness expert Greg Glassman, in 2000, CrossFit has swept the United States and it is growing in popularity in Europe. The introduction of the CrossFit Games in 2007 has seen elite CrossFitters take the sport to a professional level, with a UK woman, Samantha Briggs from Manchester, becoming the champion in 2013.

“Over the last year there has been a surge of interest because of the CrossFit Games. With CrossFit having a competitive edge, it means you push yourself harder. It is great to work in a group; it’s more fun and you learn from each other. It doesn’t matter what level of ability you are at, we have a huge range of abilities attending each class. All the movements are adaptable and scaleable,” says Phil.

To get started at CrossFit, you attend a two-part ‘fundamentals’ course to become familiar with the basic movements including squats, presses, box jumps, burpees, deadlifts, kettle ball swings, lunges, pull-ups, dips, rowing and running. You can also attend a free taster session, on the first Saturday of the month, to experience a workout.

"In CrossFit we have a wide
range of aerobic exercises, gymnastics and Olympic weight-lifting movements, which keep things constantly varied. Working at high intensity quickly improves your general fitness and how physically prepared you are for everyday life.

You may want to improve your triathlon time, recover from an injury or be able to pick up a toddler. Every movement is scaled to suit the individual, making it suitable for everyone from George North to your Nain," says Phil.

Phil works alongside Crossfit coach and martial arts expert Gaz Stalman and together they make a powerful coaching partnership. "Gaz is fantastic! He is a highly qualified coach and has been instrumental in growing our business and supporting us.

Gaz is so passionate about seeing every one of our members achieve real results. We couldn’t have done this without him. His approach compliments my coaching and together we are able to help our members achieve their goals," says Phil.

The new building will be a home to the ‘workout of the day’ classes (WOD), weekend seminars on gymnastic skills, Olympic weight-lifting techniques, mobility and injury prevention as well as nutrition. There are also plans to provide CrossFit training for children under 15s soon.

"No one is intimidated here; everyone appreciates that the CrossFit WOD is a challenge every day, no matter what stage you are at. Here you have the benefit of working and learning in a group environment. You will progress and astound yourself," says Phil.

The next free taster afternoon will be held on Saturday 1 February at 2pm. This is 2 hours of coaching and a fun workout to get a taster of how CrossFit can improve your health and fitness. You can book your place on the taster afternoon through The CrossFit Place page on Facebook, or for more information contact Phil on workout(at) or 07712 431450.

The CrossFit Place is online at and it has a great YouTube video on its home page.

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