The Anglesey Geopark, a New Book

by Dr John Conway

Rocks and landscapes of the Anglesey Coastal Footpath. John Conway. GeoMôn. 192 pages. A5.
Obtainable from GeoMôn, the Anglesey Geopark; produced with support of CCW and Menter Mon.

The geological riches of Anglesey are admired by all geologists, and the island’s coast is the best place of all to see the bulging variety of exposures.

John Conway is an expert on the subject and a key member of GeoMôn, the body that promotes awareness of Anglesey’s geology and that secured European and UNESCO Geopark status for the island.

In aligning his chosen geological trek with the established Anglesey Coastal Path, he has instantly provided geologists with an accessible, well-marked route, and non-geological walkers with a huge insight into the landscape they are tramping through, around and over.

The book, bilingual and full colour throughout, takes a close look, through words and a generous array of the author’s own high-quality pictures, at the geology to be found on the circular route of the 200 km (125 miles) coastal path.

This journey takes a clockwise direction from the Menai Bridge, with a few minor detours to nearby points of geological interest or prominent viewpoints.

‘Rocks and landscapes’ is a work of enthusiasm and diligence.

It starts with a concise, readable overview of Anglesey’s geological history – with sections on current land use and prospects for the future.

Then it delves into detailed, clear descriptions of all the geological features along and near the path. The author also broadens his geological theme by referring to outstanding archaeological sites and some of the wildlife that walkers can encounter.

Importantly on a route that winds through the landscape, there are frequent instructions on way finding and comfort facilities. The route is divided into 12 sections, reproducing base maps provided by the Coastal Path managers, and the book is colour coded for easy reference.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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