Searching for my lost brother

by Maria Lourenço

hello, maybe this is not quite a story like the ones you are looking for, but i could not resist writing this words.

My name´s Maria, i live in Portugal, in this very moment i am in Portugal. i have a big brother who lives in Anglesey since almost 6 years, and that´s about the same time the last time i saw him!

Sometimes, whe speake on the fone, and in every Bhirthday and Christmas he never forgets to send me a Postcard.

I miss him. I was in the Net looking for pictures of Anglesey and saw this Site.i had the idea that maybe, somme how, he could read this letter.
I don´t really know if he ever wil read this words...but...
This is a love letter for my brother:
"Dear João,
Hello!!!!How are you??!! I realy hope you will Have the chance to read this letter, it will be a very big surprise!! how is Marion? send her a huge kiss and love.

Dear João,today, i was thiking of you, that hwo great it would be if i could go to visit you whit my Husband and our kids. And i sarted to miss you so...

remenber last time we met?

i was doing the Teen Challenge Programe and you went visit me to say goodbeye, you was about to leave to England.

Our lives were about to change and none of us could even imagine how great the change was about to be!!

I´m so glad, so glad that you´ve finely made your peace with your heart, i´m so glad that you have found a town with pleasent people where you enjoy to live!!

I´m glad you have found Marion...And i know that you too are glade to know that i also, i´ve made my peace whit my heart.

My live is so good, so fullfilled, so thrue. I love my husband and he love´s me,he realy is the one i´v been whaiting for for all of my life and i wish so you could meet him and Diogo, his son and now, also mine...

And what about Diana?!! she is 17 know, and so beautiful,so terribly independent and strong and corageous...

yet, she also can be so fragil!who i wish you two could meet again!!!

I must go know, i just whant you too Know how much i love you, how much i miss you.I miss you mostly when you were a teenager and i, a child, (i don´t realy miss none of the days when we two were in war whit the world, Thank God those days are gone know!)

i allways remenber you has my friend, my protector my dear dear big brother.

Godbeye and know that i love you, ever.
your sister and friend,
Maria Lourenço
God Bless you "

well,it is over. before i say godbeye, i would like to say thank you to all the people who cares and toke care about João Caeiro.

thank you for your love and care, thank you Marion.

you have a very beautiful Town!! and the Castle is gourgeous!!

p.s. sorry about my English errors...!!

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