Scottish Power Delays Anglesey Electricity Supply

by Andrew Franklin
(North Wales)

Various reports suggest Scottish Power are delaying until 2010 the installation of extra electricity supply infrastructure needed on Anglesey.

Local politicians have expressed concern that this situation will put at risk a number of planned future jobs on the island.

The retail development being built at Penrhos outside Holyhead by Pettifer Estates is vulnerable to this delay by Scottish Power.

And it seems all the more surprising given that the Welsh Assembly Government have been in discussion about the extra capacity needs with Pettifer and Scottish Power since 2005, according to a spokesman for the developer.

They contest that the utility company had estimated the delivery date of the extra electricity supply around 2008 to 2009. This new situation now changes everything.

Pettifer say that the Welsh Assembly Government has already provided over £1 million towards infrastructure improvements so as to enable the power supplies to be delivered in the Holyhead area.

Meanwhile Anglesey County Council say that they are confident that the extra electricity supply for the development will be delivered by Scottish Power, but crucially they do not put a date on when they expect the project to be completed.

As the minister responsible for Economic Development is also the local Assembly Member, Anglesey people expect Mr Ieuan Wyn Jones to deliver and get things sorted out sooner rather than later.

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