Save Penrhos Nature Reserve from Development

by Save Penrhos Campaign

Penrhos Nature Reserve (coastal Park) Holyhead is under threat from property developers, Land and Lakes Limited.

The community has used the Penrhos Nature Reserve for 40 years, it has provided the community and tourists from all over Britain with the unique experience of been fully immersed in Natural Wales' unspoilt landscape.

It would be devastating for the local community of Holy Island to lose its reserve and catastrophic to the wealth of biodiversity it supports.

AMong the exciting fauna you can find are bats, red squirrels, butterflies, otters (witnessed by local fishermen),rabbit warrens, woodpeckers, kingfishers, buzzards and all manner of species fit for a paradise.

Support for our campaign has grown through our facebook page,'save penrhos nature resrve' we hope you will consider supporting our cause: we have 2 petitions.



Please consider signing these petitions and help save our nature reserve.

Comments for Save Penrhos Nature Reserve from Development

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Jul 18, 2015
Wrong site
by: Rowan

There are sites on Anglesey that would benefit from development; Penrhos would benefit from preservation. More natural habitats for wildlife are needed, not less.

Feb 26, 2015
by: Ben

Definitely we have to save the Penrhos nature reserve. These kind of nature reserves are the main factors that help to maintain the equilibrium of our earth. So we have to stand together to save this nature reserve as soon as possible.

Jul 19, 2012
go petition link for Penrhos has changed
by: savepenrhos campaign

here is the link you csn use to sign the petition:

Feb 12, 2012
600 jobs? Nonsense!
by: Toddy

Surely this council isn't naive enough to believe that this devlopment would create 600 jobs, has anyone asked land and Lakes for a breakdown of these positions in detail, if so let's have a look at them. Does anyone know if the council has had them? and if they have, why aren't they published on this site for us all to see. If this project goes it will be a travesty and show a complete contempt for the population of Anglesey by the council members.

Jan 28, 2012
wild life
by: tez

This must be stopped i walk every day in the woods you see allsorts of wild life from birds to badgers

500 jobs not a chance in hell 1 manager 2 site maintance and 20 cleaners on a saturday morning all on mininum wage

and yes the council will fall for this again just like they did with tesco 100 jobs 98 layed off just after store was opened

please please sign the online


Dec 21, 2011
Please ask all your friends to sign
by: Liz Thomas

I grew up where the Anglesey Aluminium tower and potlines stand today. We lost our family home, those old enough to remember will know it was all woodlands, fields and marshland with birds and wildlife.

The Penrhos Estate was my childhood playground and the one saving grace of Anglesey Aluminium was the creation of the the Penrhos Nature Reserve. I now live abroad but every time I return for a visit we always to to Penhros to walk in the woods and to recreate childhood memories of picnics on the beach.

Please, please, convince all your friends to sign this petition. To lose this would be a disaster and would deprive local people and visitors of a very valuable green lung and the delight of enjoying the natural environment, trees, birds and flowers. I also think I am right in thinking that the coast here is part of the Anglesey Coastal Path.

Dec 20, 2011
Nature Reserve threat
by: Jim

it;s important people sign this petition. we have to save the reserve and path for local people and visitors. who wants to stay in a chalet next to an old smelter and Alpoco powder comp.?

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