Saunders Roe Ltd, Builders of the World's Lightest Buses

by Bryngold Books

If you have lived or worked on Anglesey at any time or have an interest in buses then this book will be a delight for you.

This book offers provides a fantastic look-back at the activities of a company that was once one of the island's biggest employers.

Saunders Roe led the fight to earn export cash for Britain in the days after the end of the Second World War.

It also built thousands of buses for home and export markets an left its stamp on the world of passenger transport.

The book is the product of a 50 year interest in the Saunders Roe company, one of the flag flyer's of Britain’s unbeatable engineering ingenuity and skills.

It is the work of one man whose lifetime involvement with the bus industry touched many parts of the United Kingdom.

Sadly Gerald Truran did not live to see his beloved book shared by others but it is a tribute to both the man and the company he held
so close to his heart.

This book focuses mainly on the innovative bus building side of Saunders-Roe but also allows space for fleeting encounters with the company’s aviation and sea going achievements.

Copies are available from Bryngold Books, on 01639 643961 or on their website:

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May 14, 2009
A real gem
by: Tony Griffin

This book is an admirable account well written of a bus builder previosuly given scant regard. Thoroughly recommended!

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