RWE NPower Tests Wylfa Land

by David Phillips

RWE NPower has started testing land near the current Wylfa Power Station on Anglesey to assess its suitability for a potential Wylfa B nuclear plant.

Initial work is being carried out in a compound used by contractors near the Wylfa Power Station Visitors Centre.

This compound area will be used over a period of approximately two months for a number of ecological and environmental investigations across the site.

Among the tests and surveys carried out will be assessments of the various species of plants and animals currently inhabiting the location, as well as noise and traffic measurements.

Next year there are plans by RWE NPower, part of the newly formed Horizon Nuclear Power Joint Venture with the other German power giant E.ON AG, to carry out more extensive tests based on the findings in this preliminary phase.

Alan Smith, RWE NPower nuclear development manager, said that carrying out these tests will necessitate a number of drilling rigs being erected around the site to collect soil samples, which will help improve an understanding of site ground conditions.

Local people will most likely notice heightened levels of activity near the power station over coming weeks.

RWE NPower plans to hold further exhibitions and meetings so that stakeholders in the local community can be kept up-to-date with its testing processes and outcomes.

Assuming the Government is satisfied that Wylfa meets the required criteria under the Strategic Site Assessment (SSA), then the new developer Horizon is likely to submit a planning application in 2011.

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