RAF Valley Secures Major Flight Training Investment

by C Dowding

RAF Valley on Anglesey has secured major investment in a new flying training programme for Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army flight personnel.

The £635 million contract means the Ministry of Defence (MoD) will work closely with Ascent, a Joint Venture between Lockhead Martin and VT Group, to deliver a top class flying training facility.

According to Baroness Taylor, Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, this programme should improve significantly the training for Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force aircrew by combining the current fragmented schemes under one roof.

The MoD will in partnership with Ascent deliver the UK Military Flight Training System (UKMFTS).

This programme meets the varying training needs of the UK armed forces, from weapons system operators to helicopter pilots to fast jet pilots.

All flying training for students will be carried out under the programme until they are considered ready to fly operational aircraft, like the Typhon and Chinook.

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