Poem To Llanfairpwll Fallen Heroes

by Alix Warren
(Bull Bay, Amlwch)

Llanfairpwll War Memorial

Llanfairpwll War Memorial


From Menai Bridge it is only a short journey down the old A5 to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll. The large memorial is on the left just before the turning into the car park for the famous station.

Thirty-three men gave their lives during the 1st World War, and twelve during the 2nd. Their rank, name, address, unit, where they died and their age are all shown on this inclusive memorial.

The memorial states that it was erected as a sign of love and devotion of the brave men of the parish who gave their lives for the country and the King on land and sea.


I wonder how many of the visitors
who come to photograph that name
in Welsh, and then click the
very same in English,
bother to leave the car park,
and the safety of the shop,
to walk the little way along the path,
and stop before your names
and take a little time to reflect
on your 'priceless sacrifice'?
Do they take a moment to read
the ages when you died;
where you fell and cried
and thought about your mothers.
I doubt it.
It would spoil the busy schedule,
as they ride around North Wales.
and further more
death is not on the agenda;
on the list of things to see.
It is lucky though
that you took the time and trouble
when asked to march away
from hearth and home
and sail across the sea,
to leave your family alone to
manage and to grieve.
So lucky that you left
for foreign lands,
to fight the
Japs and Hun,
so they could return the favour
and come and photograph your station
with the unpronounceable name.

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