Penysarn War Memorial Poem

by Alix Warren
(Bull Bay, Amlwch)

Penysarn War Memorial

Penysarn War Memorial


Now if you follow the A5025 out of Amlwch towards Bangor, and just before the road turns left down into Penysarn you'll see a beautifully carved cross standing on a rocky outcrop surrounded by an iron fence.

The cross, its back to the sea and its face to the mountains, is inscribed with the names and addresses of fourteen local men who died during the Great War and also four who fell in the 2nd World War.

Also engraved on this memorial is the name of Airey Neave. It was added after he was killed by an IRA bomb in London. The Neaves owned an estate around the Dulas estuary.


Soft slips the dying day into its watery grave.
Long lie shifting shadows across the muted fields.
Collie dogs rattle their chains at the rising of the moon,
and a little Celtic cross stands on its little hill - remembering.

A Celtic cross stands on a hill, remembering
a time before the blinding of the day,
when the fields were ploughed by quiet horses,
and young men and boys filled the chapels in their Sunday best.


The young men and boys now stooped, remember a time when
the blacksmith rode up from Amlwch and forged the iron fence
around the cross, a fence to keep the cattle out, a gate and six steps
to lead the mourners in - remembering.

A gate and six steps to let the mourners in, remembering
the young men who, for some the first and only time,
rode the iron bridge across the straits, never to return
and walk the yellow gorse spread fields.


Never to return and walk the gorse spread fields, remembering
the other fields, across the iron bridge, where so many
blinded by the yellow gas drowned in the mud,
never to return and lie in the graveyard on the hill.

Airey Neave,
Did he believe that by these sacrifices
the world would be a better place,
and did he ever imagine that he would be blown
to pieces in a car-park underpass?

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May 11, 2016
War memorial
by: Gwyn

Major Arundel Neave, not Airy Neave, that is on the war memorial in Pen y Sarn killed in action at Ypres

Mar 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

"did he ever imagine that he would be blown
to pieces in a car-park underpass?"


Jul 03, 2009
never forget
by: Colette

today too many young people forget the sacrifice made by brave men and women. hard to understand really when almost every week our TV's show the latest death from Afghanistan.

Jan 03, 2009
Not forgotten.
by: Alix

I hope that my War Memorial poems go some way in addressing this.

There are many War poets and writers who experienced the horror of war who are still much read today, and I believe they are read in schools.

Memoirs and letters written by the combatants are popular as are Oral history projects.

Schools can encourage the children to research the recent past and visit the memorials and really look at them.

These people must not be forgotten.

Dec 30, 2008
Do we still care?
by: John

I worry that every year that goes by, more people just forget about these brave people who sacrificed their lives. And what about school children? what can we do to make sure they understand what happend?

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