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by Jo Quinney
(Menai Bridge)

A recent Open Mic Idea Jam event,  Dublin.

A recent Open Mic Idea Jam event, Dublin.

The first Welsh Open Mic Idea Jam takes place in Fat Cat, Bangor on Tuesday 17th April, helping make innovative ideas profitable.

Inventorium is bringing this innovative, free and fun night to North Wales as part of the project’s event programme.

Inventorium works with start-ups, existing businesses, social enterprises, institutions and individuals around Anglesey who want to make innovative ideas into profitable ones. The Inventorium programme is part funded by the Interreg 4a Programme.

"his is the first time the "Idea Jam" has come to North Wales and we encourage anyone who has ever thought of any different or unusual ideas they believe would be a great success, to come along. So if you’ve ever had that "eureka" moment, this is a great opportunity to share it," said Caroline Thompson, Inventorium’s Business Development Manager.

First run by their Irish partners, the Idea Jam was intended as a place to share ideas at all points of development, network with like-minded and compatibly different people, and contribute to a climate of idea-sharing.

The Idea Jams bring together a wide range of people and ideas that wouldn’t otherwise end up in the same room on purpose. They’re as useful for the audience as they are for the people pitching.

In Ireland the Jams have had pitches which range from an idea for an eco-friendly and cost- effective way to dry clothes without a tumble drier, to a travel website targeting walkers in Wicklow aged 50+, to a cloud hosting service called Astroboa, described as “like a WordPress service for data”.

“The Idea Jam is the perfect platform to share ideas, practice pitching and form new partnerships in an informal and fun setting. Anybody can take part, whether you’re a designer or decorator, student or stockbroker, entrepreneur, farmer or film maker, everyone is welcome,” said Caroline.

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