Offer Your Skills To Anglesey CAB

by Judith Secker
(Anglesey CAB)

The CAB on Anglesey is always looking for more volunteers to help deliver the service to fellow island residents.

However, some people interested in volunteering don't realise there are many opportunities at the local CAB other than becoming an adviser.

For many years I planned to volunteer with Citizens Advice Bureau as an adviser.

But when the time came, I realised that the experience I had gained in my previous "day job" meant that I could be more useful in other areas.

The Anglesey (or Ynys Mon)CAB is a registered charity and as such is overseen by a Trustee Board.

Having been Chief Executive of a small charity, it seemed obvious that my experience would be more relevant as a Trustee and now I am Company Secretary of Ynys Mon Citizens Advice Bureau.

Skills you have gained at work or during leisure activities may have a similar value to the island Citizens Advice Bureau.

We desperately need volunteers who have knowledge and experience of fund-raising as we rely on financial support from many organisations, small and large.

Do you have human resources experience? Employment law is now so complex that our Chief Executive would be very grateful for support from an experienced Human Resources professional.

The potential clients and funders of Ynys Mon CAB need to know we exist and what we do. So, if you can volunteer Public Relations experience, that would be wonderful.

As you can see, many of these roles will not require huge amounts of time and much of the work can be carried out at home if that suits you better.

I really enjoy the time I spend with the Citizens Advice Bureau on Anglesey. While I may not be "front line" we are all vital to the continued smooth running of the organisation and to those who do provide the face-to-face advice.

Let us know if you have suitable skills to offer. We need you!

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