Nutrition Profiling Opportunity in Holyhead

by Jan Walker, Natural Manna

We now offer Nutrition Profiling for families on Anglesey who would like to benefit from this very helpful healthy living service.

The consultations take place at the Enterprise Centre in Holyhead, just behind the Fire Station from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. on selected days. For exact dates contact Jan on the number below.

This is a service I usually provide for all private clients as part of their main consultation.

From the results I will be offering basic dietary advice to help achieve good nutrient intake along with recommended supplements that can make significant improvements in all health conditions.

These can range from obesity, digestive problems, depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes to arthritis.

The usual healthy lunch will be served as well as lots of opportunity to ask questions about healthy eating and lifestyle.

I know that many of us have things we do regularly on certain days, Fridays being one of them, but taking time out to do something different like this could provide you with an opportunity to make those health improvements that you may not have been able to do yet.

Do make a point of joining the group even if it is just for a couple of sessions and bring a friend along with you if you wish, you could be doing them the favour of a lifetime.

If you have any questions about nutritional profiling or any other aspects of healthy eating and would like more information please contact me at Natural Manna on (01407) 730135.

Best wishes
Jan Walker SNHS Adv. Nutr, Dip Nutr. Sc.

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