New Hump for Anglesey Railway Stations

by Steve Jones
(North Wales)

A new, cost-effective special "hump" could soon improve passenger access at Valley Station on Anglesey, following its recent introduction at Aberdyfi railway station on the Cambrian Coast Line of Arriva Trains Wales Network.

Designed by Network Rail with funding from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG), this new solution makes it easier for passengers getting on and off trains at small stations, avoiding the need for major building work to raise the platform close enough to the train carriage door.

The graded hump, installed at Aberdyfi station for £70,000, is made of reinforced plastic. A key feature of this design is that the height can be custom designed for the features of any particular station, with the unit coming in sections which are assembled on the platform.

During a period when the public finances are very tight, this innovative solution is very timely, especially when we consider that a full platform upgrade would cost over £250,000.

Let's hope that this new "hump" can make train travel more attractive to the travelling public, and that people with disabilities previously discouraged from using the train, may now feel more comfortable about the idea.

Assuming funding streams can be secured, the WAG will look to introducing "humps" for the rest of Anglesey's small stations as well as other lines across Wales, such as the Heart of Wales and Conwy Valley Lines.

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