New Holyhead Dublin Fast Ferry Boosts Jobs

by Sam Davies
(North Wales)

With a new ferry between Holyhead and Dublin, Stena Line aims to create up to 65 jobs at the Anglesey port.

Stena Line brought in the new ferry, Stena Nordica, in November to replace the freight only ship Seatrader. The Stena Nordica is a ropax vessel which means it carries both passengers and freight.

It is because of the extra crew required for a passenger carrying vessel that the extra 65 jobs will be created, though up to 15 will be internal transfers according to Stena Line.

Despite the difficult economic conditions, the company is making an investment of £3 million in upgrading two of its vessels.

At the moment the Stena Nordica is undergoing a refurbishment, which includes putting in passenger and truck driver lounges as well as a Wi-Fi system.

And when the time comes, the Stena Adventurer will receive a £2m refit, and this move is part of the company's plans to increase its capacity on this important Irish Sea route.

The view taken by Stena Line is that this increase in fleet capacity gives it greater flexibility to meet future challenges on the Holyhead to Dublin ferry route in uncertain economic times.

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Comments for New Holyhead Dublin Fast Ferry Boosts Jobs

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Jul 19, 2010
equal pay and conditions
by: Anonymous

unfortunately there is nothing you can do, i see it from both sides.

Im currently engaged to a latvian and i have no problem with working with latvians, russians, polish or any other nationality.

But the shipping company i work for pays all the latvians the same wage as the brits, also pays for all there flights, food expenses and also pays for there accomodation while they work for the company and the brits dont get this.
they have to find there own accommodation and pay for it.

Now how is that fair, equal means equal and the brits aint getting this in the merchant navy so some1 tell me whats going on

Feb 18, 2010
The Stena Nordica isnt going to be the only ropax vessel in the fleet
by: Alex

Well Stena Line are ordering the world largest Ropax ever!And put it on the Harwich to Hoek van Holland route

May 06, 2009
pole dont english cook,s
by: Anonymous

pole are taking your jobs .the are not very good seaman. i was working for comany call retech ..pole came first ..the like children

Feb 26, 2009
Polish workers on Stena
by: Stan

I guess perhaps the Polish workers Stena are using already live in Britain, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Lots of Poles fought and died for Britain in WW2 and many of them married local girls and so it goes on. I know quite a few of them in fact!

Surely you are not against people who live in Britain (whatever their national or ethnic background) from trying for work, are you?

Feb 26, 2009
StenaLine Lies, Polish Workers Employed Instead
by: Anonymous

Did Stenaline also mention that they are cutting over 170 jobs elsewhere, which means they will transfer the employees they can to cover these jobs to save on redundancies?

Did they also mention that they have just employed another load of Polish crew who have taken some of these positions ?

NO !!!

They are talking rubbish.

This has come from a family member who works in their office in Holyhead who has paid the costs to 25 poles who have applied for the jobs.

Yes, they have paid for the poles to come over for the interview and are now employing them here, for less money than the Brits.

Lies Lies Lies !!!!

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