My Stakeholders, How to secure your future business

by Tracey Anthony

During these difficult economic times, what should your business on Anglesey or elsewhere in Wales be doing to communicate more effectively with your existing and potential customers?

These are just some of the challenges that locally based company MyStakeholders Limited addresses on behalf of its clients in an innovative and environmentally sustainable way. Tracey Anthony, the company's CEO here looks at some ways of making your business stronger and more secure going forward.

Firstly, most entrepreneurs understand the maxim "market or die"! But the challenge right now, however, is not whether to market, but how.

What stops entrepreneurs from doing what they know they should is cost. While this is especially true in the current business climate, the answer is targeted marketing, often known as "narrow casting" rather than "broadcasting".

This basically means:

  • Tailor the message

  • Select the audience appropriate for your product or service (an up to date contact list is a must!)

  • Choose the right time

MyStakeholders is designed to help organisations reduce the costs of staying in touch with their target audience. This is particularly important at this time of economic restraint, when we are also see major changes in the composition of the UK economy.

By the time we have de-duplicated, removed dead and redundant contact information, our clients typically end up with less than a third of the data they sent us.

Naturally while they are thrilled with their customer segmentation and clean data ready for immediate use, it is the financial saving on contacting their audience that is highly significant.

For example, we recently saved one client 5,000 redundant mail outs, which amounted to just under 10,000 GB pounds sterling saving.

5,000 1st class letters - 1,800 GBP - they send on average 3 times a year, a total of 5,400 GBP

5,000 large newsletters or annual report - 3,750 GBP

There are, of course, many other examples of how MyStakeholders can help your business become more efficient. So if you want to save money, or own an up to date contact list or do more business and improve your image, contact Tracey by using the contact form on this page.

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Jan 20, 2009
Narrowcasting on Anglesey
by: Tracey

Thanks for the comments John. Yes, MyStakeholders would be able to manage your list, or even cleanse the list for you to make sure there are no redundant contacts - people who have moved on, find out who they've been replaced by, and even help you identify those contacts outside of your usual remit who may be interested in purchasing a caravan.

If you'd like to find out how we could help you, give us a call on 01248 675125

Dec 30, 2008
from broadcasting to narrowcasting
by: Anonymous

The term "narrowcasting" is relatively new to me (as it turns out, it even has its own wikipedia page). I came across it when I was reading a post on Dr. Tantillo's marketing blog about how NBC's difficulty in selling Super Bowl ad spots isn't just a sign of bad economic times but part of a greater trend away from broadcasting and toward "narrowcasting," or niche marketing, which is--as you also point out--a more effective (and cost-effective) way to reach your target audience.

Dec 29, 2008
Cutting business overheads
by: John

thanks Tracey, very helpful article. does it mean that Mystakeholders would take over the list for a business like mine?

i have an email list for our caravan business which i send to customers every year to offer them new caravans on Anglesey.

it does seem a lot better to use email and i hear that royal Mail are putting 1st class stamps up to 39p in January.

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