Moelfre War Memorial Poem

by Alix Warren
(Bull Bay, Amlwch)

And then there was light....

And then there was light....

On arriving in the charming fishing village of Moelfre on the east Anglesey coast, you need to drive down to the car-park by the sea and, unless you turn your back to the sea, you will never find this little memorial.

Look to the left of the waterfall and you'll see what looks like a gravestone. There are no names, just an inscription telling the world that street-lights were installed in Moelfre in honour of the men who had died during the Second World War.

The Welsh inscription tells us that the stone might be forgotten but the lights would illuminate the heroic deeds forever.


'Let there by light' said the Lord
And there was light, and God
Looked at it and found it was good.
So he carried on and made the earth,
And all the planets,
And the light shone in a great bright burst of joy.
And God made the oceans,
And the plants and the animals.
And he looked at these and thought
That they were also good.
In fact very good.
And being a creative God, he went on and made human beings.
They were made in His own image and likeness.
But after a while he saw that they were not so good
And he lost interest and moved away to the very outer
Reaches of his kingdom.
Over the next thousands of years clouds moved across the face of the heavens,
The joy went out of the sky.
All fell into disharmony,
And for hundreds of generations great battles were fought
In one place or another all over the world.
And then in 1939 it was noticed that the lights were
Going out all over Europe, and the people were truly alarmed.
They got together in huge armies,
(including some men from Moelfre)
And fought a terrible war,
And death and destruction covered the earth.
But God had heard the cry of His creation
And pulled the warring sides apart
And peace was declared,
And street-lights were erected in Moelfre in
Gratitude to the men who had died
In that terrible war.
And then there was light.

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Aug 21, 2014
remembering the fallen...
by: John

A very touching poem remembering all those from the Anglesey village who gave their lives in WW2.

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