Moelfre Lifeboat Day Poem

by Joy Mawby

Isobel, Simon and Joy, with bulging holiday purses.
Three, shining, expectant faces, sun-touched and rosy.

Sea-mixed music and voices meet them across the bay,
Fluttering stalls and bunting -
Going to Lifeboat Day.

Clamour of people and laughter,
Hoopla - Simon's won
Brut aftershave for Daddy and lollies for everyone.
Joy's trying to find treasure. She digs up fifty pence
"I might lose if i go again"
Joy, full of commonsense.
Isobel fishes out a crab and is handed back her money.
Buys shell encrusted wooden box
"Purple, just right for Mummy"

Now, salt wind billows and blusters
Scumptious wafts from a big white van.
Crispy chips fly from plates like rockets......
Catch them if you can!

They sit in a real lifeboat, eyes big at tales of the sea
They wish they were storm-tossed on oceans
And not just tied up at the quay.
Failing that, there is a roundabout,
They're strapped in and holding tight.

"Make it go faster and faster!
They scream in fearful delight.
All's spinning, colours,mixing, music's roaring
Tummy's turning..............Wow!

Isobel, Simon and Joy with empty holiday purses,
Three smiling, exultant faces, sun-touched and rosy.
They hug precious prizes, walk slowly away -
Still wrapped in the magic of Lifeboat Day.

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