Moelfre Lifeboat Day August 2009

by Elizabeth Hampson RNLI Fund Raiser
(Moelfre )

RNLI Lifeboats,  Moelfre Harbour

RNLI Lifeboats, Moelfre Harbour

RNLI Lifeboat Day at Moelfre on Saturday 22 August, got off to a great start at 8am when Simon Fern and Mark Coleman left the Boathouse on a 65 mile bike ride around Anglesey.

They stopped off at the other island boathouses in Beaumaris, Holyhead and Treaddur Bay, raising funds by sponsorship for us.

The day was not uneventful for them, with 3 punctures on their way around but arrived back in Moelfre at 1.15pm to a village welcome. At the last count Mark and Simon have raised approximately £775 towards our day and we thank them very much for their fabulous effort.

By 9.30am cars were starting to pour into the village and soon things were under way. As usual lots of stalls, children's clothes, second hand goods, jewellery, Mon Horns (we might ban him next year the noise those horns made!), wooden gifts, slate gifts, garden plants, dolls, pictures and books, the army assault course and firing range was an enormous hit.

Many activities for the children, Jolly Jungle, trampolines, circus & face painting. It seems like the list is unending. In the midst of all this the coastguard was to be seen making its way gingerly through the village due to a shout for the Lifeboat.

So the guided tours around the boat had to be abandoned whilst the boat was launched to a call out. Would it be back in time for its official launch of 12.30?

At 11.45 the sounds of drums could be heard and gradually, with the noise getting louder and louder, round the bend into the village came the Batala Samba Reggae 15 piece band.

What an experience that was. Wild and enthusiastic, dressed in their red and white outfits, drums swinging between their legs, eyes flashing and arms waving, they danced and beat their drums as they watched their leader with his strange signs which obviously they understood.

They were fabulous and everybody was spellbound. Meantime, the Lifeboat had returned and was getting into position for its launch. It launched through a coloured smoke screen down the slip into the water.

The water was heaving with small craft and the Lifeboat had to pick a very wary route through the jet skis and boats.

Unfortunately the helicopter, which had been booked to come had been called away to an emergency so our crew entertained the crowds with their routine of throwing each other in the water.

They abandon them and then taking pity on them, pick them up and throw them over the other side of the boat for good measure, only to have to rescue them again.

Finally, a water battle in the harbour which the visitors boats never seem to tire of.

The Children's Fancy Dress and selection of the new Lifeboat Princess and Lifeboat Mascot was made. The Princess is Katy Massey, the mascot is Llyr Evans.

After this, we had the Llangefni All Stars Dance Display who come each year now and are beautifully drilled and looking very smart.

So plenty to watch and keep us occupied. We had a very clever Magician for the children, Magician Bob who kept them all enthralled.

He did all sorts of tricks and finally sent the children away with balloons made into dogs.

Reckless Elbow and Pigs Ear provided us with music and finally a children?s disco until evening. All in all, a super, super day.

We would just like to thank-everyone who helped, gave us their time for free and for our visitors who supported our efforts. Initial countings are showing we have made approximately £7,000 which is a brilliant amount to raise for Moelfre Lifeboat Operational funds. Thank-you all.

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