Mighty Max Two Breaks Island Record

by Nigel

The fifteen year old record for sailing around Anglesey has been broken by Neil Thomas from Liverpool Yacht Club and an experienced crew aboard his 38 ft yacht, Mighty Max 2.

Sailing clockwise around the island, a coast notorious for its many strong tidal currents and submerged dangers, Mighty Max 2 shaved 15 minutes off the previous record and finished ahead of the other 16 boats who entered the race.

Mr Thomas recalls a few hair-raising moments like when they had to sail through the Swellies in the Menai Straits at high water and get the mast under the bridge with only about 30 feet to spare.

He also recounts how they had to get within metres of the rocks near South Stack so as to benefit from the little back eddies, thus avoiding having to punch the tide.

A mini-disaster struck off point Lynas when Mighty Max 2 began to accelerate using an extra sail called a spinnaker.

Suddenly the sail was lost and the crew had to recover the heavy canvas from the sea, suffering rope burns in the process.

After negotiating some tough conditions off the north east coast, the boat made it to the Menai Straits where it briefly touched a sandbank.

It was touch and go while they waited for the incoming tide to refloat them, as they watched the rest of the fleet, led by Daydream Believer, catch up with them.

In the end Mighty Max 2 just held off the competition and crossed the line at Menai Bridge.

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