by Raymond Macbride
(New Brighton, Merseyside)

A good friend asked me if I’d been to Penmon Point on Anglesey. I said “never heard of it.” He said “You don’t know what you are missing.” So on Sunday 26 June 2011 I went to see for myself.

We drove towards the Priory in Penmon and paid a small fee to drive up the narrow road, with wild berry trees on both sides –where they blueberries or what –and after about 1 mile you see the lighthouse.

Behind the Penmon Point lighthouse which has a couple of black bands against a white background is Puffin island slightly to the right of the lighthouse.

This was such a beautiful place, actually I can’t believe such places exist. I am a keen photographer and was snapping away for hours.

I loved the deep ring of the bell in the lighthouse, which I am told is called Trwyn Du, which sounded every 30 seconds.

So I would recommend this amazing place to anyone who would love a day out on Anglesey island.

It’s fair to say this would be one of my top 5 places.

And so I would like to say many thanks to my friend John, who suggested a trip out to Penmon Point.

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Jul 02, 2011
Couldn't Agree More
by: Gill

Felt the same when we found Penmon for the first time. Visited again just two weeks ago (please see blog).

Jun 29, 2011
lovely place
by: Ellie

we were at Penmon last month. agreed. it is a lovely place, recomended! you can also walk along the shore and there's a coast path nearby.

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