Magical Day at Parys Mine Amlwch

by Raymond Mcbride
(Merseyside, England)

Parys Mountain View

Parys Mountain View

We had a great day out on Sunday, 9th May at Parys Mountain on Anglesey. First we went to Southstack Lighthouse and thought that it was a fantastic place.

Then my great friend Helen said, "Let's go to Parys mountain. I went there as a child."

Well, what a beautiful place to photograph!

I have recently looked up the history of this fascinating place and I'm making plans to visit again in the near future.

Editor: Thanks for sharing your experience Raymond. You are right, this is a fantastic location to visit as your photo above clearly shows.

Did you by chance notice the works nearby, where Anglesey Mining has been carrying out further investigations with a view to mining for copper?

The nearby town of Amlwch is also known as an "Ancient Copper Town" for its long historic association with this fascinating "copper mountain."

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Comments for Magical Day at Parys Mine Amlwch

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May 31, 2010
Safety on Mynydd Parys
by: Bryan

Spectacular as Parys mountain is, will visitors to it please be aware that like all such places, it can also be rather dangerous, particularly for those who stray off the defined paths!

Members of the Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust want you to appreciate and enjoy this truly spectacular and historic mine which has been worked intermittently for the last 4,000 years, in absolute safety, so why not arrange to have a trained guide take you around?

May 14, 2010
by: Liz Thomas

How nice to read this. Parys was a childhood playground for me. My grandparents had a farm nearby and every summer holiday they would hire ponies for my cousin and me. We spent many a happy day riding up there with our makeshift picnics!

Somewhere in the boxes of stuff of my life I have some Mynydd Parys copper tokens given to me by my father -- these were copper "coins" used to pay the workers which they could exchange for goods and food. Must hunt them out.

Mental note to self -- must go up there next time we are in the UK (live in Macau in China now) and re-live the experiences and look at the new developments.

May 13, 2010
Parys Mountain - recommended
by: Helen Stewart

I remembered Parys mountain vividly because my father took us there as children when we went on holiday to Anglesey. It was a magical place then and is even more so today as I am more able to appreciate it now. The scenery is stunning - so many wonderful colours and striations in the rocks - you could be on another planet. I am so happy my friends enjoyed revisiting it with me on that beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon 9th May 2010.

May 13, 2010
Parys Mountain Lunar Landscape
by: Jonathan

yeah, i agree, it does look like someone just landed on the Moon - great. we will have to get over there, def. Just look at the different colors.

May 12, 2010
Explorers Heaven
by: David and Keri

What a fantastic photo, Raymond has got an amazing eye for a good photograph. Our kids would have an excellent day exploring the unknown landscape. It has encouraged us to take a holiday here in the forthcoming future.

May 12, 2010
Looks like a lunar landscape!!
by: Diane

What a wonderful photograph! Really makes me want to visit the mountain with all the beautiful colours. Hope to make a visit soon.

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