Llangefni Wood Biomass Power Plant

by Mike Evans
(North Wales)

Irish company Eco Pellets Limited plans to develop a wood biomass power plant in Llangefni, Anglesey as part of a £100 million renewable energy centre, with the prospect of creating 35 jobs.

The Cork-based wood fuel supply company, a major player in the Irish market, aims with the support of the Welsh Assembly Government to develop the 55 acre site at Bryn Cefni Industrial Estate, Llangefni to include biomass and wind energy.

With Anglesey seen as an Energy Island, with potential mega projects like the new Wylfa Newydd nuclear station at Wylfa, the Eco Pellets project in Llangefni is another piece in the jigsaw.

Eco Pellets Limited envisages the combination of the wood biomass electricity plant and up to four wind turbines delivering around 40MW of power, enough to provide electricity for up to 50,000 homes.

Planning permission for the developing the site will be sought in due course, and there will also need to be an Environmental Impact Assessment, before the construction phase, which will employ around a 100 people, begins early next year.

The company produces eco friendly wood pellets and wood briquettes which conform to European standards.

With the theme of energy security and the need to reconfigure towards a low carbon ecomomy, the prospect of Anglesey Energy Island having a broad portfolio of power generation and energy distribution companies is a very welcome one indeed.

Oportunities will exist both for people in existing employment to retrain, and for young school leavers and graduates to acquire relevant qualifications, to meet these new demands.

With the risk hanging over 500 jobs at the local Anglesey Aluminium smelter at Holyhead following the Rio Tinto subsidiary's announcement that unless an alternative power source could be secured, production would cease in September 2009, all new energy projects for the island are very welcome.

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Feb 25, 2015
power plant
by: Derrik

I am hearing about the biomass power plant for the first time. The main advantage of bio mass plant is that it will not cause any kind of pollution as seen when fishing near lake ontario. If this project comes true we can save a lot of energy.

Jul 05, 2011
You've got to be kidding
by: Anonymous

They're saying elsewhere that they will produce 250,000 tonnes per year of pellets, plus 17 MW from a dedicated biomass generation scheme, from the "abundant local forest sources".

What "abundant local forest sources"? Have they been to Anglesey?

This will need around half a million tonnes of green wood a year just for the pellet plant, and another 180,000 tonnes for the solid biomass generation scheme. They can't be planning actually to run it for long, so presumably it's about making money out of the construction. How much grant are they up for?

Jul 30, 2010
Update Biomass Llangefni
by: L Spruce

Interesting to read that there was an exhibition by this Irish company, Eco Pellets Limited, in Llangenfni recently.

So they have a 30 year plan which includes building a £100 million biomass plant and creating 400 jobs. Above you say it is 35 jobs, so I assume the 400 relates to constructing the plant and so the numbers fall after that.

Are they in a Joint Venture with a firm called Integrated Energy Systems International Limited (IESI)?

It seems quite a major project, with a wood pelleting plant that produces about 100,000 tonnes every year, as well as a 17MW solid biomass co-generating plant as well as a 14MW liquid biomass plant.

So how does this stack up with another much larger biomass project at Holyhead by Anglesey Aluminium Metal Renewables Ltd?

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