Llanddona in the 1940s

by David Guy
(Chichester, West Sussex (but born and raised in Liverpool)

I spent many happy holidays in Llanddona in the 1940s and early 1950s.

We used to stay is the old cottage which was the original farmhouse for Tan y Bryn.

It was demolished in, I believe, the 1960's.

The beach was even more deserted than it is now and the whole of the sand between high and low water was covered in poles ( I believe that some of the stumps are still visible.)

We were told that these were ant-invasion measures erected early in the war period.

There was no cafe in those days - we used to take a kettle down with us.

We would get water from a stream running through one of the beach side cottages, then light a fire so that we could have a hot drink!

Anyone out there spend holidays at Llanddona about the same time and, more importantly, did anyone stay at Tan y Bryn?

I have a photograph of the cottage at the time.

Ed: Thanks David for your contribution. Last time I was at Llanddona beach was when I walked along the Anglesey coastal path from the beach near Pentraeth.

It is still a very quiet area and with excellent views of the sea as well as of the coast towards Benllech beach

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Comments for Llanddona in the 1940s

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Jul 07, 2021
Wow! Hi Clare!
by: Kristin

Hi Clare,
Oh my gosh, I just saw your message! Thank you so much for responding! Do we have the same great grandparents? My granny was Elisabeth Pierce who married John McGibbon in 1926. David Piece was mum’s cousin as was his sister Posy. Mum was born in 1927, left for New York City in 1950. She had so many happy memories of Glan Helen from her childhood, there are pics somewhere. She took us back to stay in Red Wharf Bay in summers throughout my childhood. We visited with Grans brother Hal and Ginny. Yes let’s talk. What is your email or are you on Instagram?
Looking forward to connecting,

Mar 29, 2021
Glan Helen Hal Peirce
by: Clare

I’m reply to Kirstin’s Comments made in 14 October 2018.
Hal and Ginny Peirce were my grand parents! My uncle David is still living at the cottage. If by some miracle you see this message please get in touch as I would love to hear your stories, I have many happy memories of staying with them

Oct 14, 2018
Glan Helen, Llanddona
by: Kristin

My Mum ( born in 1927) spent her childhood summers at Glan Helen, up the road from Lladdona Beach. She took my brother and I from New York City to Red Wharf Bay for summers when I was a teenager in the 1970’s. I still remember an early dawn hike across Red Whaf Bay, when the tide was out, with Andrew Martindale, whose Granny Dale’s cottage was always our home away from home. The tide was completely out, what a gorgeous sight! We headed towards Llanddona beach and up the road to Glan Helen to visit Mum’s uncle Hal Pierce and his wife Ginger. Their son David Pierce and his wife Elizabeth have retired and lived at Glan Helen for years now. I am about to write him to let him know of Mum’s passing and share my memories of Llanddona. Anglesey was, and still is, the most wondrous place I have ever visited! For a jaded New York teen, its magic was transformative!

Apr 08, 2015
village cafe 1965
by: john

Discovered Llanddona while holidaying in 1965, pulled up at the single hand wound petrol pump to fill the car then called in the Witches Café across the road run by the delightful Williams family, I often wonder what became of the Café and the family over the last 50 years, a recent detour had me driving through the village once more but there was no sign of either the café or petrol pump, I understand the new pub occupies the site, any information on the family, especially Jenny more than welcome

Jul 20, 2014
Tanraltwen Llandonna
by: Alan Wrigley.

It was good to read about Tanralltwen,I first stayed at the farm in 1927 each year to the 1950 's.I new the Williams family well.Hugh died some years ago and the last I hearted Irwen was in a nursing home.Ihave no knowledge of Madge.My last visit must have been over10 years ago.The eldest daughter still lived lived there but the land was let. At 87 memories are very precious,Good to hear of someone else who knew the joy of Llandonna.


Feb 26, 2011
Hen Felin
by: Anonymous

The comments I read here about Llandonna beach really struck home. During the mid 1950's and early 1960's my family spent many a happy two weeks in the summer at Hen Felin cottages on the beach. It was such a fabulous quiet beach. I was a young girl then. Initially we stayed in the cottage ( higher one) and then the stone cottage ( lower one)...........then later there was a third one built on the site and stayed at that one. We also stayed at a cottage further down the beach called 'the chapel' with a well in the garden.....not sure what happened to this.
Then in the early 1980's me and my family stayed at the top cottage for a holiday in the summer and again in 2000. (Hen Felin.)
As you can see I am trully fond of this beach......such happy memories I still love it today...and when I can go down just for the day and take in this special place. And yes we too used to travel in the 1950's/60's on the boat from Liverpool to Menai.

Dec 01, 2010
Hen Felin
by: Stephen Percival

My family have owned "Hen Felin" - a site for what is now 3 cottages since the late 1940's.

Hen Felin is at the bottom of the steep hill leading onto the beach from the main village.

My great uncle Jack Percival first built and owned another property on the beach front c 1942.

Following this my grandfather (Charles Percival)purchased Hen Felin.

We now rent 2 of the cottages all year round. If you know of these or are interested to rent then ring me on 01908 606579.

Stephen (1st Dec 2010)

Aug 21, 2010
Cottage in Llandonna. 1960s.
by: Alwyn

My sister and I have been to Llandonna looking for a cottage that we used as a holiday let in the60s.It lay just off a 'concrete' road, the rear facing towards Snowdon (I think) . There was a small 'shop' selling bread and milk etc. and by the side off the shop there was a path that wound its way down to the beach - does this ring any bells???

Aug 14, 2010
Llandonna in the 1950's
by: Anonymous

Interested to read the comment about the beach at Llandonna in the 1940's and 1950's and holidays spent staying at a local farmhouse.

We used to stay at Tan Ralt Wen farm situated just above the beach and owned and farmed by Irwin and Hew and their mother.

They sold a strip of land along the sea front to a family from Manchester who bought a cottage on the foreshore I believe, and, I guess, it was the incomers who built the shop and car park.

It was very quiet in those days and very rural with no electricity and hardly any road traffic on the island, and no tarmac road along the beach at Llandonna. There was a good bus service from the village to Beaumaris.

The traditional mixed farm was a typical family enterprise and a good holiday experience for my family who used to come each year to the same farm having travelled by boat from Liverpool to Menai Bridge.

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