Island Farms Power Plant Plans

by K Robinson
(North Wales)

Farms on Anglesey, the Energy Island, are to become prototype mini-power stations, according to plans put forward by the local authority.

The idea is to produce electricity from a range of alternative sources, such as biomass, wind and solar. This would also generate a positive cash flow for the farmer, and so offer a means of diversification.

Anglesey Council will look for up to 100 small holdings to be assessed for and if suitable, fitted with state of the art alternative energy technology, which would help contribute to more sustainable farming practices.

While these projects could be considered low carbon and even carbon neutral, it may be over the longer term they could become carbon positive, in that they generate more renewable energy than they consume.

This would see these mini-power stations selling back to the National Grid the surplus power they generate, under the Government backed Feed in Tariff scheme.

Preliminary calculations estimate these mini-power plants could generate net yearly savings of around £75,000, which would be a combination of not using more expensive fossil fuels as well as the cash incentives from the government.

And the payback profile seems to be quite favourable, with an estimated capital cost of around £300,000 being recovered within 4 years or so.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy was commissioned to carry out the research on behalf of Anglesey Council.

Initially, a pilot scheme of 5 farms on the island is proposed.

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Sep 08, 2011
correction to the comment below
by: Anonymous

this is the site for the group that are fighting against the wind turbines

copy and paste this link into your browser.

Sep 08, 2011
Double Standards Energy Island
by: Barbara

I have just read how wonderful Anglesey is, a real paradise beautiful beaches, wonderful scenery fit for a King .

So why are some folk hell bent on destroying it with gigantic wind turbines ,on land and off shore and huge incinerators burning waste products and much more?

They even want to change its name to Energy Island.

Once upon a time there was a small Island in the Thames called Canvey island it was a holiday island many people from London spent their holidays there it was alovely place .

Then one day it went from Canvey to Energy Island and the power stations moved in and Gas terminals,the petrochemical plants Canvey is no longer a desirable place to live.

In the Echo News 14/09/2009 there is an article on the dangers of living on canvey island. is this they way we want to and destroy our lovely island?

A new group has formed on Anglesey and they do not want to see this happen if you would like to be apart of this group and save our ynys mon please come and support them, the website is


Jul 21, 2011
biomass the way ahead
by: Jamie

there's a great potential for biomass, use things like poplar and willow. they grow very quickly. solar units ok, but only if they facing south - south west

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