Is Holistic Health Care Useful?

by Stuart Ferraris, Holistic Dental Practitioner
(Centre for Natural Healing, Beaumaris)

The Beaumaris Centre for Natural Healing adopts the holistic health care approach which includes useful therapies to help patients in regaining and maintaining good health.

It includes both Alternative and Orthodox medicine.

At the Beaumaris Centre, Stuart Ferraris combines his skills as an experienced Dentist with his passion for Nutrition, which he has studied extensively in America and the UK.

He uses a Holistic approach, and has a team of experienced therapists working at his Centre for Natural Healing in Beaumaris.

This team, including a Homeopath, deep tissue masseur, a Chiropractor, NLP Practitioner and Movement Therapist, Footcare and Acupuncturist, gives an extensive range of care covering energetic, physical and mental levels.

Take an example. A middle-aged patient, Mrs X, with a history of blood pressure, bleeding gums, backache, headaches and heartburn attends our practice.

She has tried the orthodox approach, but felt that there was no in depth desire to find and treat the cause of her ailments.

She is well read and wants to be master of her own health outcome, so she is seeking answers.

After a thorough history taking, it seems Mrs X would get good benefit from several therapeutic supports.

There is a correlation between general inflammation
and the link between heart and gum disease, so she will respond well to a good Oral Hygiene programme.

She will also benefit from support for her gastrointestinal health, which is often a major contributor to general inflammation, but not as easily spotted as gum disease.

These can best be treated with lifestyle changes, Nutritional and Homeopathic support.

On the physical side, Dental bite management, Chiropractic treatments and Deep Tissue Massage will benefit the backache and headaches.

Mrs X responds very well to the treatment and not only is she free of the earlier symptoms but she feels she has more energy and a new zest for Life! Mrs X gained from the “synergy” of the Holistic approach.

On many occasions one or two therapies will solve the problems, however, others can be recruited to help us regain and maintain optimum health.

Anyone of these therapies, in themselves, may bring wonderful relief, and in so doing set the energies of the person free to concentrate on the healing process rather than the distraction of the pain and discomfort.

Finding a Team, such as we have in Beaumaris, is very helpful in developing your own holistic health plan.

An open day is arranged for Saturday 25 April 2009, between 11 am and 4 pm at the Bulkeley Hotel in Beaumaris, for you to acquaint yourself with the Therapist and their therapies.

Excellence in Health puts a Smile on Life! Help us to help you achieve this.

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