Holyhead Holiday Park Jobs Hope

by J Roberts
(North Wales)

Up to 600 jobs may be created near Holyhead with proposals by Land and Lakes Ltd. to develop a holiday park on land currently owned by Anglesey Aluminium Metal (AAM).

The company, which is a subsidiary of Kingmoor Park Properties Ltd, hassecured an open option agreement with the former smelter owner AAM to design and build luxury log cabins and apartments on approximately 200 acres which forms part of the tree-covered Penrhos Coastal Park.

These proposals while very welcome in terms of boosting job opportunities for local people and offering a potentially sensititve and sustainable development of land which is part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, will need to obtain full planning permission from Anglesey County Council.

Land and Lakes CEO Richard Sidi said the aim was to create a quality leisure resort destination at the 200 plus acre site, while at the same time offering the local community a sustainable economic legacy.

Welsh Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones today welcomed these proposals which could lead to the creation of a new leisure resort with upwards of 600 jobs on Anglesey.

The Labour Welsh Government has worked closely with Anglesey Aluminium, Land & Lakes and Anglesey County Council to help this proposal come together.

Also of interest to the First Minister is the latest position on the disposal of the former smelting works complex.

He looks forward to the announcement of a preferred bidder and their detailed proposals that could create an additional 500 new jobs, bringing a potential 1,000+ much needed new posts to the island.

With regard to
the former smelter site, it is understood that Anglesey Aluminium is currently in discussion with three companies who have expressed an interest in purchasing the location, for which the asking price is £10 million.

At the moment there is a small re-melting operation on the site which employs between 60-70 people.

There is also the prospect of a 300MW biomass power plant being constructed on the site by AAM. A formal planning application has been submitted to the UK Government Department of Energy.

It is understood the interested purchasers are also prepared in principle to facilitate continued use of the jetty in the outer harbour of Holyhead port for berthing cruise liners.

Visits by a host of cruise ships make a significant contribution to the economy of Anglesey and the wider North West Wales hinterland.

Recent funding from the Labour Welsh Government has been approved for dredging operations to improve berthing at the AAM jetty, which will be included in the sale to a new owner.

Local MP Albert Owen said he would "continue to work with stakeholders to make this development happen."

It seems there are exciting times ahead for this part of Anglesey. Jobs in the sustainable leisure industry, as well as work in power generation and possibly manufacturing and maintenance of turbines for alternative energy projects.

This will meet the long term aims of the Energy Island concept as well as capitalising on the many natural advantages of the area for sustainable tourism.

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Comments for Holyhead Holiday Park Jobs Hope

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Mar 12, 2015
good one man
by: Chiris allen

There a very less people who believed in such stuffs, but I feel there are something’s that are beyond our sight and imagination which are responsible for such stuffs that happened around us. So it is good that we respect that entity.

Apr 14, 2012
penros nature reserve part of learning prosses
by: s l sears

iv lived in holyhead all my life,thers not many places to go for a long walk in to a forest with out trespassing,well really weve only got the nature reserve,its were we as kids grew up,from children to teenagers then to adults,weve got so many memories,of playing cowboys and indians,makeing bows and arrows etc,making dens out of old branches bushes even makeing bridges to cross the still rivers,learning how to live off the land,learning and understanding about the wildlife,as teenagers we camped even after being told by your parents and the elders about the ghosts of elen and her family,and the man called the fox,who would drag your mates away at knight,very spooky place when your young,we would go on dates with are girlfriends,make love under the trees as the sun went down.hope we dont lose the place to outsiders,sorry about the spelling.

Dec 09, 2011
Penrhos Nature reserve threat
by: savepenrhos

Nature reserve threat NEW
by: Savepenrhos

Penrhos nature reserve is under threat from property developers Land and Lakes. If they get there way the nature reserve will CEASE to exist. There are 2 petitions you can sign to to help us save it: http://goo.gl/dbvXU ����http://goo.gl/PGGrj

Dec 05, 2011
some questions to the developers
by: Anonymous

Make your own mind up about the development. Decideforyourself(dot)co(dot)uk let the community and locals decide for themselves nothing better than facts instead of the usual rumours!

May 24, 2011
Penrhos Jobs?
by: Blodyn

While the prospect of upto 600 jobs is wondreful news, how many jobs will exist in reality? We've heard this hype before.

I hate the idea that the 'Nature Reserve' is going to be ravaged and turned into a holiday camp.

Will locals still be able to use the 'reserve'? How many 'cabins' will there be? How many jobs will it create?

I've been using Penrhos for more years than I care to admit...from the early years when Sgt Ken opened the 'bird hospital' (10p to walk round the 'pens' to see them), to taking my boys there
when they were little to play and feed the ducks.

I would walk my dog there now after a stressful day in work (and cleaning up after him) and taking my grand-daughter there to feed the ducks.

Lets not miss the beauty of the stars, by being blinded by the brightness of the moon.

Like the saying goes...when it's gone, it's gone.

May 22, 2011
Job hope
by: Anonymous

I think that a new holiday park is great news, after all the nature reserve has become yet another area of Holyhead to be covered in dog mess!! Will the developers be so keen to purchase this land though if the council have their way and build a waste incinerator opposite???

May 21, 2011
walking coastal path
by: Anonymous

question is would this development stop people walking along Anglesey coast path?

May 21, 2011
Penrhos Nature reserve
by: Dotmag

Where will dog walkers and bird watchers go now, not to mention ramblers?At the present it is called a NATURE reserve

May 19, 2011
jobs for town
by: Joseph

well this is great; lets hope it comes to pass!!

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