Holyhead Cruise Ship Bookings 2011 Boost

by Peter Jones
(North Wales)

Early bookings for cruise ship visits to Holyhead in summer 2011 have increased significantly. Fifteen cruise liners visited the Anglesey port this year and the number is expected to increase to 18 next year.

Estimates suggest that as many as 20,000 high net worth passengers will come to Holyhead, bringing a further boost of spending power to the island.

The amount spent by cruise liner passengers varies but estimates are for amounts between £15 and £125, which translates roughly to between a £2.0 and £2.5 million injection into the island economy.

With the visit of ships such as Europa, Westerdam, Prinsendam, Crystal Symphony, Saga Ruby, Le Diamante and others, Holyhead Port has hosted a number of established North European cruise liners.

Looking ahead to 2011 and beyond even bigger cruise ships like Crown Princess and Emerald Princess are likely candidates for visits.

Crucial in securing visits from ever larger cruise ships however, will be getting up to date and appropriate port facilities to accommodate these mega cruise liners.

Political pressure is being applied on the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) in Cardiff to contribute to investing in improved berthing facilities.

In the past visitng cruise ships had to anchor off Holyhead Breakwater, but this sometimes caused difficulties when
the wind was in the wrong direction and sea conditions made using the tender an uncomfortable experience for passengers.

More recently the Anglesey Aluminium Metal Limited (AAM) jetty in Holyhead outer harbour has been used but it is felt this needs upgrading if the larger vessels are to be accommodated.

The fear amongst local businesses and politicians is that the port of Liverpool could steal a march on Holyhead in what is a fiercely competitive cruise market.

Encouragingly both Stena Line, owners of Holyhead Port, and Anglesey Aluminium are willing to co-operate with the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) to ensure the best outcome is achieved for the town and Anglesey.

It would appear the WAG commissioned Hyder Report on port infrastructure is likely to conclude that existing berthing facilities at the Anglesey Aluminium jetty in Holyhead are only suitable for ships up to and including 300 metres.

If the island is to attract vessels over 300 metres on a regular basis then the current infrastructure needs to be improved.

For the sake of the local economy and so local businesses and jobs, let's hope for concerted action on improving these port facilities.

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Comments for Holyhead Cruise Ship Bookings 2011 Boost

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Mar 17, 2015
by: samanda

I am living in Britain. I would like to travel in this holy head cruise ship. Is there any booking started for the 2015 travel? If there is any information regarding this please let me know. It will be a great help.

Sep 21, 2010
Cruise ships in Holyhead
by: Liz Thomas

I agree that Holyhead (Anglesey) needs these ships and the Anglesey Aluminium jetty (the building of which I was actually involved in all those years ago!) would be ideal if it could be upgraded to accept the larger ships.

On a different matter though, I am curious to know exactly what the visitors see on their stop at Holyhead. I am sure that they go to Pringle at Llanfair PG but do they see any of Anglesey's more cultural aspects? South Stack (although perhaps difficult for larger buses), Penmon Priory, Beaumaris, etc??

Although I am originally from Anglesey (Rhoscolyn) I no longer live in the UK but am curious to know what the cruise passengers gain from their visit to Anglesey -- I have many special places to return to when I visit home!

Sep 21, 2010
wow! those ships look cool
by: Jean

hey, i would love to go on one of those cruise ships. Do they sail around great Britain?

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