Holy Well Healing Powers

by Gaenor

I visited the Holy Well of St. Seiriol's at Penmon on Anglesey and put water from the well on my sore fingers and asked St Seiriol to heal them.

Amazingly, the next day my fingers were as new. This is a very powerful well and a very special holy place, and the waters are special.


Thanks Gaenor for your contribution. This is indeed a fascinating phenomenon, and many commentators over the ages have spoken about the healing powers at St Seiriol's Well.

Indeed the if you look back at ancient cultures such as the Roman and Chinese there are many accounts of the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Today this technique can be used to good effect for people with certain conditions.

It may simply be a case of the need for building up water lost to the body, rehydration, or parts of the skin need more contact with the cleansing properties of water.

Many people choose to bathe in spa water because of the therapeutic effect of the minerals in the water on their skin.

It is possible for you to take spa therapy on Anglesey if you feel that your body would benefit from such exposure.

I guess it is a way of bringing harmony to mind and body and perhaps that is what the St Seiriol waters at Penmon achieved in your case.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience for you and please feel free to contribute further in the comment below.


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Jul 20, 2009
Penmon water healing
by: Robyn

yes, Penmon is a real peaceful place to visit. real peace for your stressed out mind - we were there last weekend. must try the water in St Seiriol well next time:)

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