Have You Seen Y Rhwyd?

by Sharon Newman
(New South Wales, Australia)

Dear Sir,

As a former Holyheadian currently living Down under I am writing to extoll the virtues of the 2009 edition of that stalwart of North Walian island life - Yr Rhwyd calendar.

As I sway in my hammock armed with a chilled New World tipple, listening to the gentle lapping of the South Pacific I often pine for what I have left behind.

Half a cider and black 'up town', chips and peas water from the Globe, the vision of trees bent to 90 degrees by the playful Irish prevailing winds.

Yr Rhwyd has once again provided the perfect antidote to these rose tinted memories of home. This years edition has surpassed all my usual expectations - full colour, no expense spared to capture quintissential local scenes.

Blurred fireworks, a view of South stack (security gate prominant in the foreground), two horses (ah....two horses.....a distinctive Mon icon) and, my personal favourite, a derilict Cybi School complete with decorative boarded or smashed windows.


I raise my stubbie in thanks and look forward to next years calendar:)

Sharon Newman

Message from the Editor:

Thanks Sharon for your illuminating perspective on Anglesey life. Perhaps Y Rhwyd is trying to achieve a straight forward authenticity in its descriptions of Holyhead, rather than the "rose-tinted" view as you suggest. I am sure you are well placed to contrast with your Oz perspective. Perhaps you can suggest inspiring scenes for inclusion in a new calendar for 2011?

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Oct 09, 2020
Y Rhwyd
by: Anonymous

Holyhead is a shit hole anyway.

Dec 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

Maybe our Aussie chum should learn to spell before trying to show off with her comments....sad !

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