Gaerwen Mounment To War Heroes

by Alix Warren
(Bull Bay, Amlwch)

The villages are quieter now since the completion of the A55 across Anglesey.

It is so much easier to cross the once, busy road, now the lorries that once thundered past on their way to the Holyhead for the Dublin ferries travel on the duel carriageway.

On your left mid-way through the village of Gaerwen stands the war memorial. Behind it stands a children's playground.

No-one plays there, the swings hang motionless, the see-saw stationary, the round-about still.


Is this the freedom you fought and died for?
Is this the justice?
Oh, brave new world
That children are not allowed to play
In the park alone.
But stay locked up
All day
In the safety of their homes
Tied to the television.

Is this the freedom you fought a war for?
Is this the liberty?
Oh, glorious debt.
That children cannot walk to school
Along the streets
But arrive cushioned
In four-wheeled drive motors
Immune from the smell of May blossom.

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