Fresh Juice, The Only Health Product You Need

by Vishal P. Rao

Fresh fruit for good health

Fresh fruit for good health

With all the canned, preserved, salted, fried, and precooked food we eat – along with alcohol and smoke (whether secondhand or firsthand) – there is just so much bad stuff going into our bodies today.

No wonder cancer statistics are on the rise, and previously unknown diseases are happening to perfectly "healthy" middle-aged individuals.

When our house is becoming dingy and disorganized, we give it an overhaul and a major clean-up. So shouldn't you be doing the same thing for your body? Take a look at what drinking natural juice can do for you:

1. An instant boost of vitamins – fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in vitamins like C, E, K, B (B complex), D, A, and so on. Vitamins are needed by our body because they help boost our immune system. They make us less susceptible to things like colds, and bacterial infections. They make our skin look clearer,
healthier, and younger. They help enhance our eyesight and the appearance of our skin and nails. Juice = vitamins. And vitamins = beautiful.

2. All the good minerals – you may have gold and silver and onyx on your ears, neck, and arms, but you should have calcium, iron, potassium, and sulphur in your bones and bloodstream. The great news is that they don't have to be bought at Tiffany's – they're free with each tall glass of healthy fruit or vegetable juice.

These minerals are essential for strengthening your bones
promoting healthy blood. Better bones and better blood mean better posture and color – all the more to be able to fabulously sport those stones and metals with grace.

3. Fiber and Protein – many people do not understand the
consequences of not having enough fiber, which is a tragedy because it can do so much in cleansing the body and promoting a light, more refreshed feeling. You may be surprised to find out that fruit and vegetables have protein content – especially wheatgrass juice. An improved digestion and the instant full feeling from drinking juice can help suppress unhealthy cravings
and increase your weight loss rate.

Juicing is one of the fastest and simplest things you can do for your body. Its easy – fruits and vegetables already come "pre-packed" with all the good stuff, naturally. If you don't have the time to even just throw your fruits and veggies into the juicer, you may already buy them freshly squeezed, and freshly shaken.

Mixing up your fruits and vegetables into juice form is the best way to get the correct amount of fruits and vegetables that you need. It's a great way to enjoy many vegetables that you would otherwise have difficulty incorporating into your diet (like wheatgrass or okra). Juice is refreshing. It makes you slimmer and more radiant and just healthier in the long run. So what's
not to love?

Learn more about the health benefits of wheatgrass juice and wheatgrass juicers at health articles by Vishal P. Rao here.

See his site here:

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Mar 17, 2015
true facts
by: Thomas Desilva

Fresh juice is good to maintain the metabolic activities of our body. But I am not sure how our body will react if we only drink juice every day. Healthy juice can prevent many diseases as it contains protein and fiber.

Jun 29, 2010
barbecue or fruit?
by: Faezeh

I am planning on having a party with friends, and can't decide if i should have lamb and chicken on barbecue or just serve fruits and juices?

what would be the most healthful for my guests?

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