Fond Memories of Indie Life

by Estelle

I would really like to extend my very good wishes to Patrick Purser whom I remember as 'Pat' when I lived in one of the 'Staff Houses' on the grounds of the Indefatigable School, Anglesey. Number 2, to be precise.

My EX (I'm glad to say) was the Bursar there - David Farrow - and I had a lot of involvement with the boys as the Bursar's wife i.e. Pocketmoney, Tuck Shop Supplies and, hopefully, being a 'friend' and surrogate mum to a lot of them.

I too, unfortunately, remember the deputy headmaster John, whom I lived next door to (I was at No 2). Pete Burrell is another 'memory', shall we say? As too is 'Jack Simpson'.

I have very fond memories of the 'fun' days, happy days but, as with all things, it sadly did not last. In fact they died with the appearance of new Headmaster, Peter White.

If possible, could my very best wishes be passed on to Pat?

He will, I hope, remember me as Estelle, the Bursar's wife in my days there from approx 1985/6 to when I left in 1992?

He will, most definitely, remember David Farrow, the Bursar who started out so well BUT............... enough said!

I think it fair to say that I shared some interesting, and entertaining chats with Pat in the Staff Room (I definitely remember his pipe), and I still think of him as being one of the 'real stalwarts of 'Indie'.

Certainly, the boys looked very kindly on him as well. One of the few they did.

Happier times indeed! Hope you remember me with kindness Pat?

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Jul 26, 2021
Pete , Jack & Davey Crockett NEW
by: Dave Wilson 155

The much respected trio of the Inde..

In my time they were the backbone #MuchRespect

Nov 24, 2008
Fond Memories of Indie Life
by: Anonymous

Just to inform you that Mr Peter Burrell died in 2001 of a heart attack, and he is sadly missed by myself and my family. If you actually go on to Friendsreunited or Facebook for the Indefatigable, you will infact find that the comments for Mr Peter Burrell and Mr Jack Simpson are all very complimentary, so I'm not sure which planet you were on in those days!

Regards Claire Simpson

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