Find Silver Coins On Llanddona Beach

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The beautiful Anglesey beach at Llanddona is a real treasure cove after metal detector enthusiasts hit upon a cache of ancient silver coins on the beach.

Beachcombers will be thrilled at the prospect of exploring a soft, sandy remote beach on a paradise island off North Wales.

Coin experts reckon the 600 silver coins found at Llanddona date back to around the late 13th century. And this secret beach has in fact yielded almost 1,000 silver coins in over 7 years of beachcombing by treasure hunters.

The treasure hunters who found this haul of silver have been searching for over 7 years. They reckon each coin will be valued at about $8, perhaps more with the market price of silver and other precious metals.

Now the National Museum of Wales says these silver coins resemble those found in Ireland, Scotland and the rest of Europe and dating back to the late 1200’s.

This Anglesey beach at Llanddona is a regular winner of the European awards for quality bathing and good facilities.

The coastal and sea views from here are spectacular and well worth a visit. Looking north you will see the soft sandy beaches stretch along to Red Wharf Bay and Benllech.

And at the furthest point is Moelfre, a small eastward facing coastal village famed for its maritime tradition.

It is from here that the famous Moelfre lifeboat was launched to save mariners in distress off the north east Anglesey coast.

With so many shipwrecks along this treasure island coast over the years, it is quite likely that some of the silver coin discovery is linked to such disasters.

There are many old accounts of gold sovereigns being discovered along some Anglesey beaches after major shipwrecks, just think of the Royal Charter incident in 1859.

So as you view the magnificent Anglesey coastal sea views high up overlooking Llanddona beach, just think as you feel the soft sand between your toes what might be sitting below the surface.

Remember the sand banks can move and that silver treasure may be lost forever!

Maybe there are more 13th century silver coins waiting to be discovered on this beautiful Anglesey beach, though it may be more difficult to dig them out.

So whether you are into beachcombing, treasure hunts or just chilling out and appreciating lovely sea views, visit Llanddona to start your perfect Anglesey beach holiday.

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May 27, 2009
gold coins near Holyhead
by: Raymond

looks as if there is going to be a big effort to find thousands of old gold coins from 18th century shipwreck near Holyhead. these would come in helpful.

Jan 08, 2009
where's the silver?
by: Tom

we came down to Anglesey last weekend but couldn't find any coins on the Llanddona beach. was very cold really but we'll try again.

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