Enter Our Haiku Poetry Competition

by Kay Middlemiss

Unless you've a degree in literature, you have probably never heard of Haiku poems, an ancient form of Japanese poetry.

I hadn't either until I joined a Creative Writing Group on Anglesey. Haikus have three lines to a verse, and they don't rhyme.

They do have very strict metre: 5 beats to the first line, 7 beats to the second, and 5 again to the third. The idea is to capture simply the essence of a sight or impression, most often in nature (what we might call the "wow" factor today).

The first two lines describe the scene, the last tells you what the poet is seeing, or where they are.

Here are some examples by Joy Mawby of Amlwch Writing Group, written when she first came to live on Anglesey.

Dog's clean sprint over
Firm, tide-cleansed, multi-toned sand.
Early at Benllech

Acid sunshine lights
reed banks. Jewelled colours on high.
Rainbow at Red Wharf.

Breath blown out of me.
Fierce gale gives dogs aerial ears.
Lligwy in winter.

Foamed spray hits lighthouse
Wave-smashed pebbles protesting.
Penmon at high tide.

Why don't you have a go? It's easier than you think to capture those moments when you think about it.....
"I live in such a beautiful place!"

Please write your entries below in the comments section......Can you be as creative as those above? :)

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Oct 29, 2013
October Haiku
by: Peter M

bright berries desire

the glow of summer’s essence

thoughts colour my soul

see more at www.choppingfirewood.com

Aug 19, 2013
a right handful
by: Leonard Nike

ducks in puddle/nibblin' edgis/scurriin' for bread

the half-:/of the pea-?/in the dawn-chorus

a sad song/geese sing/flyin' along

i drag the dustbin out/in the middle/of the night

each six-foot of earth/they move/me on

Mar 11, 2013
by: Alan Summers

another hot day
a leaking water pipe stopped
by the jackdaw’s beak

Alan Summers

Haiku Award credit:
Honourable Mention, 14th Mainichi Haiku Contest (Japan 2010)

A month of haiku poems by Alan Summers is currently showing at Cornell University, Mann Library, USA

Alan's blog: http://area17.blogspot.com


Mar 11, 2013
haiku by me
by: Neelam Munir

Fragrant atmosphere
Uncovered mountains with snow
Pass on change desires

Mar 24, 2011
by: Peter Meehan

Jack Kerouac said;
Opening the fridge door see,
All the beers have gone....

Jan 17, 2011
anglesey writers group
by: lisa thomas

Does anyone know where and when the anglesey writers group meet

Aug 25, 2010
The With Words Online Haiku Competition
by: Alan Summers

As this site has gone a little quiet for haiku I wondered if you'd start writing haiku again for a competition?

The With Words International Online Haiku Competition: http://www.withwords.org.uk/comp.html

All profit goes towards one international charity and one U.K. based charity.

Alan, With Words

Nov 28, 2009
my haiku
by: Anonymous

It travels throw the sea,
It stings every animal in the sea,
And people that go to sea,
And it's first name is Jelly.

Aug 12, 2009
Moelfre Coast direct experience haiku
by: Alan Summers

I wondered if anyone witnessed any incidents themselves, and could write a haiku using mostly images about any RNLI rescues?

e.g. a non-experiential haiku from me:

Moelfre's Coast
a rescued girl shivering
over too sweet tea


Aug 12, 2009
lazy afternoon haiku
by: Alan Summers

lazy afternoon-
I drift along with the breeze
and dandelion seeds

'Haiku Friends 2' ed. Masaharu Hirata, Japan (2007)
'Aesthetics', Bath Spa University literary journal, Summer (2007)


Aug 11, 2009
Trembling Heart
by: Patricia Ferraiuolo

Trembling heart stops short
Soul leaves the body and floats
Returning to home

Feb 10, 2009
Royal Charter further thoughts
by: Jaybee

The Royal Charter Story has been playing on my mind.

Dash for hoped record
Cruelly wrecked - Moelfre's lamented
Record of hopes dashed

Feb 06, 2009
Royal Charter remembered
by: Jaybee

Alan's contribution has inspired me to another effort.

Raging stormy seas
Smashed dreams on Moelfre's coast
Linger on today

Feb 06, 2009
Water haiku
by: Alan Summers

Just a couple of water related haiku.

a periwinkle rotates
deeper into itself

Shamrock Haiku Journal
Irish Haiku Society, Spring 2007

autumn twilight ...
swan shapes separate
for the lone boatman

City: Bristol Today in Poems and Pictures
(2004) ISBN: 0954811704


Feb 06, 2009
Hitch Haiku Guide Thanks
by: Grezz

Thanks for "The Hitch HAIKU`S Guide".... to the parody ?

I found it difficult to think in a different poetic rhythm, but trust that my efforts will encourage others to have a go.

Feb 05, 2009
Island Holiday reflection
by: Jaybee

Ruined beauty sleeps
Content dwelling former times
Serene Din Lligwy

Feb 04, 2009
by: Alan Summers

All the best for your competition!

Have you heard of With Words; Snapshot Press; Wing Beats: British Birds in Haiku; and the British Haiku Society?


summer wind
a sparrow re-rights itself
at the peanut cage

Alan Summers (not all haiku are 575)

all my best,

Feb 02, 2009
Holiday memories
by: Jaybee

Sandcastles, ice creams
Children playing in the surf
Benllech sights and sounds

Picnics on the beach
Boats bobbing in wind and waves
Traeth Bychan's bounty

Jan 26, 2009
Newborough Memories
by: Grezz

Still beach aglow with
Sand,like gold and silver aura.
Newborough shimmers.

Mountains dominate
The view sears the mind forever
Menai at sunset.

Hope you like `em !

Jan 26, 2009
Variation on a Llanfair PG Theme
by: John Bews

World famous by name
That's the long and short of it
It's Llanfair PG

Jan 26, 2009
Haiku Inspiration
by: David

Thank you very much John, Alix and Jonathan for your creative contributions. We will put these vignettes in the next free Anglesey Today newsletter which will go out in February.

If you haven't subscribed yet, go here now.

Jan 25, 2009
Holidays in Anglesey
by: John Bews

The ruined remains
Stand gracefully in the field
Bygone Din Lligwy.

Nestling cottages
Resiliently weathered
Cling (tight) to Moelfre beach.

Renowned by its name
On long or short station wall
It's Llanfair PG

Nature dealt the pack
Picture post-cards hard to beat
The Menai Strait flush.

Picturesque red sand
Sculptured deftly by the sea
Red Wharf Bay beckons.


Jan 08, 2009
Haiku from me
by: Alix

Salty sea ripples
printing patterns in the sand
Newborough New Year.

Ducks skate on thin ice
Gulls tap dance on frozen grass
Penrhos winter day.

Salt encrusted cars
Horizon low sun dazzles
Anglesey winter

Silhouetted trees
Sun sparkles beyond island
Newborough Warren

On Newborough beach
Sand replicates the salt waves
Ripples wet and dry

Silver sequin stars
Sewn on a black velvet sky
God's embroidery.

Jan 03, 2009
Rhosneigr Sunset Haiku
by: Jonathan

Small Puffy Grey Clouds
Sail on Light Pink Sunset Sky
Rhosneigr Winter

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