End of Wylfa B?

by J Roberts
(North Wales)

There is a possibility that Wylfa B, considered crucial to Anglesey's economic recovery, may never be completed, according to Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany.

Horizon Nuclear Power is the joint venture between the two German parent companies, RWE AG and E.ON AG.

Both companies have been impacted by the recent decision of the German Government to close down all nuclear power stations by 2022.

Horizon has plans to build up to 6GW of generating capacity in Britain, with Wylfa earmarked as the first of two power stations to be built by the joint venture, with the aim of starting electricity production by 2025.

Concerns have been expressed by officials at the German parent companies that the projects may become more expensive than originally anticiapted, particularly after the events in Fukushima, Japan.

It seems Horizon may have a struggle on its hands trying adequately to explain to potential investors why extra billions of euros of investment capital may be needed.

Official statements from both E.ON AG and RWE AG say that no decision has been taken as to whether the Horizon Nuclear Power venture will be terminated.

Significantly, the UK nuclear regulator is due to publish its Generic Design Assessment (GDA) in autumn 2011.

This will set out the requirements for a safe and robust reactor design and will indicate which of the preferred reactor designs is most likely to be selected by the developers.

The GDA will take into account the findings of the Report carried out by Dr Mike Weightman, which was initiated following the events earlier this year in Fukushima, Japan.

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Oct 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

we are all going to die a painful death if you build this wylfa B. To B or not B, Wylfa B?

Jul 19, 2011
Jobs for a living community
by: Anonymous

I'm afraid Carl Clowes has got his facts wrong again - Does he not realise that cleaning Wylfa will not result in over 600 jobs for 20 years - Times have moved on Carl and the task of cleaniring up Wylfa will be easier than other places.

Sadly Wylfa decommisioning will not involve a lot of people for a long time . The initial clean up will be swift and result in loss of jobs quickly.

It will also result in major loss of job opportunities for our young people. Sadly the windmills on the island have not brought us any significant jobs and the developments off the Skerries will probably be manufactured elsewhere.

We'll probably see a lot of the offshore windmills being serviced from the Port of Mostyn in Flintshire where the industry has already established itself.

Who is going to invest in Anglesey? The anti-brigade have had over 20 years to find alternative investments for the island.

What have we had ? Nothing - only the slow death of our communities- an ageing population with our bright young talent leaving the area.

If the building of a new power plant at wylfa is going to cost a lot of money (and ensure 800 local job opportunities for at least 60 years)- we can be sure that the investors will want it operated safely to make sure they get a return on their money over the lifetime of the plant.

Jul 16, 2011
by: PCAH

Watch out for problems with decommissioning; at Hinkley Point the nuclear regulators have allowed the American contractors, Magnox South, to put roof vents in the two Magnox reactors. This is in breach of the mandatory 80-year radioactive decay period during which reactors must remain sealed. Poisonous radioactive gases being discharged through these Magnox roof vents have been causing numerous cardiovascular fatalities since 2006, plus increases in skin, lung and kidney cancers.

Jul 15, 2011
Let's get real, & that means no nukes
by: Phil Steele

Re previous postings: nuclear operation may be low-carbon, but the whole nuclear cycle (uranium mining, transportation, construction and decommissioning) is high-carbon. Most workers will probably be brought in from outside Wales. The dire economic situation on the island will not be helped by putting all our eggs in one basket, ie depending on one major industry which is increasingly subject to the vagaries of free market economics.We need diversity of scale and adaptability to changing circumstances. The costs to the consumer and taxpayer of nuclear would be extreme. The technology is still very prone to risks (from human error to terrorism or cyber-attack), and one thing Fukushima has shown us is that on-site storage of radioactive waste over very long periods is really bad news. I do believe we should follow Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, italy and possible even Japan in going non-nuclear. Our elected politicians should be thinking of economic Plan Bs NOW (well they should have been 20 years ago!).

Jul 15, 2011
Wylfa B - the end is nigh !
by: Dr Carl Iwan Clowes

Jobs are crucial for the island but they will come from :
- decommissioning. 607 jobs for 20+ years are being promised
- servicing the Centrica offshore wind turbines ; up to 200 jobs
- energy conservation programme for the island ; a further 95 jobs estimated
- installation of photo-voltaic supplies throughout the island under the Feed-In Tariff programme ; a further 100 jobs

I could add solar,tidal energy,sea current as in RWE development off the Skerries, possible biomass all of which can and will create further employment in excess of what Wylfa B can deliver permanently and without the inherent risks for future generations.
What is needed is an alternative vision and the politicians have a responsibility to lead so that the population does realise that there are practical alternatives.
One final thought - latest figures from Germany show that there are 370,000 people employed in the types of energy generation referred to above (U.K. 35,000). These are real jobs and well-paid jobs and the people of the island deserve a similar opportunity.

Jul 13, 2011
Wylfa B ?Jobs
by: george woolley

If it means jobs for the welsh it should go ahead there are no new jobs on the island,there are lots of willing workers on there that need the chance to make a living wage .

Jul 13, 2011
we need the new power plant
by: Anonymous

if this is true its very bad for Anglesey, the island needs Wylfa b, so does the world - lower CO2 and all that!

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