Discover The Beaker People

by Ross Davies

This is a personal Anglesey memory. In 1950 I had the privilege of meeting an old gentleman of 93 years, called Edward Griffiths. He was an active man for his years, with many interests and also prolific with his pen.

Every year, wherever in Wales it was held, he submitted literature of all kinds to the National Eisteddfod of Wales, and continued to do so until the year of his death.

In is younger years, he had been a teacher and finally became headmaster of Talwrn School. In the 1930's there was no proper metalled road between Talwrn and Pentraeth, where he lived, only a track.

A tarmac road had alreadybeen completed between Llangefni and Talwrn, and the decision was duly taken to extend it further to Pentraeth.

Edward Griffiths had always been a keen historian and became very interested as the roadworks progressed.

He used to cycle to the school at Talwrn from Pentraeth each day and had to negotiate his way past them.

He knew that some of the fields along the route had some special mound or tumuli in them. The Bangor University Archaeological team were also eager to find out what they contained.

The proposed new road was due to cut straight through the middle of such a mound at Ty'n Pwll Farm, just outside Pentraeth, and Edward was determined to witness that moment.

The day dawned at last. He cycled hurriedly to Talwrn, sent his pupils home and closed the school for the day.

Then he cycled back to Ty'n Pwll. By this time, the Bangor Archaeological team had also arrived and everyone waited with bated breath, for the final cutting through.

The mound revealed graves that were identified as those of The Beaker People because the bodies were usuallu buried with a beaker containing their personal items.

The artefacts were taken back to bangor University, and as far as I know, they may still be there.

This story may never have been told, if I had not heard it from this grand old man, who actually witnessed the opening.

Now the story of the Beaker People has been put on record for the world.

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Aug 24, 2010
beaker people at tyn pwll
by: mel thomas

I was born and bred in Tyn Pwll and now live in liverpool.There is still one mound at least intact at the top of the hill leading from the farm gate entrance towards talwrn. Also in the same field,there is a dip in the hill near the farm lane which quite possibly be an excavation site.The story about the excavation was told to me by my father when I was a young boy

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