Day trip train to Holyhead

by Susan Clarke
(Northampton, England)

Train Day Trip to Holyhead

Train Day Trip to Holyhead

My journey started with a local train to Milton Keynes, then through train to Holyhead on Anglesey via Crewe. The scenery along the route is very special to me, full of childhood memories.

My return journey from Holyhead was in the first class dining coach. This had been a dream of mine to have a meal on the train.

On the journey to Holyhead, once past Chester the estuary, then the sea can be seen to the north for the whole journey, until we travelled over the Britannia Bridge that takes you over the Menai Straits.

Most people on the train were on their way to the ferry for Ireland .Many of them from America. Our holidays were always spent in Llandudno with days out on the train.

I always wondered what it was like to go on the train to Holyhead Port. It wasnt until the 1970`s that i got an chance to visit.

I have returned twice since. Anglesey has the most beautiful beaches and views of Snowdon mountains and Puffin island.

It is the ideal place for a holiday to get away from every day life. it can be easily reached by road by the dual carriage way of A55. This has took pressure off the the railways.

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Photo by Timo Balk, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

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