Counselling is Positively Brilliant

by Jan Walker Dip Nut Sc
(Natural Manna, Rhydwyn, Anglesey)

As a nutritional therapist I am regularly asked just exactly what is Counselling and the Oxford Dictionary says it is:

"The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems"

Now based in Anglesey, I have been counselling many clients for almost 20 years, some for specific conditions such as Panic or Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity.

Others I have helped with Relationship problems, Depression, Bereavements, Coping with Long Term Health Conditions.

In my role as Life Coach and Wellbeing Specialist I have advised and counselled many clients in Personal and Professional Development.

Many of my clients are self referred, sometimes after they have seen another Psychologist or Counsellor where they may not have ‘clicked’ or where counsellor and patient/client found they could not work together.

The relationship between counsellor and client is one built on trust and compatibility and a good Counsellor should not take it personally if clients don’t continue with their sessions and decide to approach someone else.

I believe that there are broadly two types of Counsellor.

Firstly, those who treat their clients with the text book approach of the particular style of counselling they practice.

The second kind are those who treat their clients as specific individuals and adopt a variety of counselling styles to achieve a positive outcome.

I use the second approach – it means I spend longer with the client.

It helps ensure that my recommendations are the best I can offer to enable engagement with my client. That is not to say that the text book approach is not effective.

This way is generally used by those Counsellors employed within the Public Sector, where appointments are short and limited in number and sometimes by private counsellors who have busy multi-therapist practices.

I would stress that I believe the Counsellor-Client relationship is one that is very personal.

The foundation of trust must be strong to enable the counsellor to encourage the client to identify the origins of their problems.

This relationship will enable the client to acknowledge negative thinking and behaviour patterns, and empower them to work on turning them around, to resolve them and move forward.

Whatever your ‘issue’ is in life that might be holding you back or preventing you from being the best you can be, I would encourage you to consider a short course of counselling for improving Personal Development or Life Skills or for the feeling of wellbeing that accompanies a healthy mind.

You can contact me on (01407) 730135 or alternatively visit Natural Manna for my comment on the latest news in the World of Wellbeing.

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