Could E.ON End Horizon Wylfa B Plans?

by J Roberts
(North Wales)

Could German energy giant E.ON follow RWE's recent example and look to exit nuclear new build in Britain?

Where would such a major strategic decision leave Horizon Nuclear Power's plans to build two new power UK power plants, at Wylfa on Anglesey and Oldbury in Gloucestershire?

It seems E.ON is seriosuly considering such a scenario given the recent momentous changes in the energy market in Germany, where exceptional and unplanned costs have arisen following the Merkel government decision to accelerate closure of the country's nuclear plants by 2023, post-Fukushima.

If E.ON does indeed exit the Horizon Nuclear Power joint venture, along with RWE, this would be a blow to Anglesey, where Wylfa B has been seen as the cornerstone for the long term transformation of the island economy.

Such a move would also have a profound effect on UK energy policy given that Wylfa was considered to be among those locations where the first nucldear power plants were to be constructed.

With pressure mounting on the UK government to address the growing energy gap, arising as a result of retiring old coal plants and decommissioning nuclear power stations, both of which provide essential baseload electricity supply, the potential loss of up to 6GW of generating capacity from Wylfa would be a serious blow.

Time is running out for this government to tackle this major strategic energy issue. If these two German utilities are looking to exit, can another consortium be persuaded to take over the Horizon project or are there too many hurdles to implememt such a scenario?

Above all else, people on the island, an area which has been designated as the Anglesey Energy Island, will be looking for answers and strategic leadership over the coming weeks and months.

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Mar 11, 2015
by: goney richard

In order to increase the energy policies the promotion of the nuclear projects is a necessary factor. A company like E.ON must have to be promoted if they have the ability to make a good plan with a great goal. The government of UK must take a decision favourable to both the people and the country.

Oct 22, 2011
oldbury to close
by: Adam

According to Reuters the 225 MW Oldbury nuclear power station, built in 1967 and Europe's oldest, is set to close down in February 2012, 10 months earlier than originally planned.

MAgnox, owqned by Energy Solutions - a US nuclear services company - said the Oldbury reactor is no longer viable from an economic view.

I wonder if RWE and E.On have sorted out their issues regarding giunbg ahead with new nuclear in Britain - I think they plan to add up to 6GW of electricity generating capacity.

So important because we are losing a lot as old coal stations are now closing as well as stations like Oldbury and Wylfa.

Oct 17, 2011
end of wylfa b?
by: Bill

if these energy companies can't carry on, someone else needs to get involved! we cant let this opp for Anglesey go now.

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