China Targets Horizon Wylfa Project

by S Williams
(North Wales)

Chinese nuclear interest in Wylfa

Chinese nuclear interest in Wylfa

Chinese backed State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation is understood to have expressed interest in Horizon and the stalled Wylfa B project on Anglesey.

Following the recent pull-out from UK new nuclear build by German utilities RWE and E.ON, the Horizon Nuclear Power Joint Venture is looking for new developers to take over the abandoned venture.

Reports suggest that China's State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation is in talks over a possible $10 billion investment in Horizon.

This may be in the form of a joint venture with Japanese firm Toshiba, which owns Westinghouse. This would be an interesting development as Westinghouse's AP1000 is one of two reactor designs being considered by the UK Regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation, as part of the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) for new UK nuclear power generation.

So it seems the success of such a bid will in the first instance depend on a succesful outcome to the talks between Toshiba and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation of China, in a JV which is believed to be valued at around £37 million.

There would still need to be approval by the UK Department of Energy and Climate change (DECC). A spokesman for DECC said "any bid for UK energy assets would be subject to rigorous scrutiny" via well established and understood regulatory processes.

This latest development follows fast on the heels of another recent expression of interest in Horizon and so in Wylfa B on Anglesey by Russian firm Rosatom.

Clearly there are a number of hurdles to negotiate but it is at least encouraging to see major developers from countries which are better placed financially to consider such major long term infrastructure projects.

So it appears like good news for Wylfa B on Anglesey that both Russian and Chinese backed firms are vying for a slice of the UK electricity generation market going forward.

If either of the two companies, Rosatom or the Toshiba- State Nuclear Power Technology Corp., were to be successful in a bid for Horizon, they would be committed to building two nuclear plants, one on Anglesey the other at Oldbury in Gloucestershire.

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Mar 03, 2015
Good project
by: Santa

Horizon Wylfa Project is important in terms of improving the electricity production. A nuclear power technology is not at all eco friendl and also has lot of risk in it. Anyway they need to get approval from Department of Energy and climate.

May 02, 2012
China, Russia or France?
by: John

The reported interest in Horizon so far all appears to be from organisations backed by foreign governments.

Both the Chinese company, and the Russian company we are told are owned by their governments. There was early speculation about possible interest from EDF, owned by the French government. Has there been any interest from private business?

There are a couple of questions to consider here, one is about security of supply, and the other is about our declining ability to design, build and finance our own nuclear power plants.

Do we really want our future power infrastructure controlled by foreign governments, and can we take that risk?

Secondly, if they can do it why can't we? This seems similar to Margaret Thatcher in the eighties telling us that we could no longer sustain our own motor industry. Seem's odd that the Germans can.

I'm not suggesting a return to nationalised industries -I don't believe they can work-, but it doesn't seem unreasonable that a major British company couldn't back Horizon, with some support from our own government.

We have spent years with the great divide between the shop floor and management, and it seems to be perpetuated by our two major parties.

Friction between the percieved two sides of industry, the plethora of industrial legislation, poor quality and the over dependence on oil prices have all led to the high manufacturing costs which have killed our industries.

Surely it is time for the press, the unions and management to realise that we are all in this together, and that successful business is a win win situation.

This is surely a great opportunity not only to create jobs in building and operating a high tech operation, but in creating the high tech education infrastructure that so many talk about as being necessary for the future.

Why do foreign interests have to get the long term benefits? I think government, British industry, British unions need to bang some heads together and get on with it.

May 01, 2012
Anglesey energy international
by: Richard

looks like Ynys Mon coming to be like international energy centre!! must be good for job opps..

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