Cass Sweeney Health and Fitness Tips

by Sue Beesley

This is the first in a series on health and fitness issues by Cass Sweeney who is a REPS certified Personal Trainer working from the JJB Fitness Centre in Bangor, North Wales.

So if you are on Anglesey you could pop over Menai Bridge to see Cass at the Sports and Health Centre in Bangor:

We're all aware of the pressures of modern living and the effect that has on the decisions we make.

Frequently, we hear stories of young people becoming obsessed with their self image to the point where eating disorders sometimes result in fatal consequences.

So, how do we achieve the happy medium of good body shape and health at the same time?

The human body is an extremely complex mechanism that the medical profession is still striving to understand.

Our shape is governed by a number of parameters including hereditary factors, metabolic rate, how much we eat and drink, and our current weight and state of health.

Addressing any of these parameters in isolation will not lead to a satisfactory outcome and might make the situation worse, leading to demoralisation.

So, where do we begin?

The first thing to do is to write down a complete list of everything we eat and drink during a week - remember to include all alcohol.

Be honest, you only cheat yourself. Advice on the ideal calorie intake for sdults can be found in health and fitness magazines.

If you are significatly above these levels then you need to consider how to reduce it to a more reasonable level.

Next, we need to decide on an exercise regime that will burn calories and tone our shape to something we'll be happier with.

There are many health and fitness magazines that offer exercise programmes you might find appealing.

However, you need to be aware that you must not just focus on exercises specifically for an area of your body you are not happy with, for example, your stomach.

This would just leave you with rock hard abs hidden beneath that roll of fat you started with.

Motivation is always going to be the hardest commodity to find - just like giving up smoking, it becomes more difficult as you go on, particularly if those around you are on a different tack.

When the going gets hard, it's often a good idea to call on the services of a Personal Trainer to help you along.

A qualified PT can help you safely boost your work rate and develop a programme targeted on achieving your goals.

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