Bodedern War Memorial Poem Remembers Heroes

by Alix
(Bull Bay, Amlwch)

Bodedern War Memorial

Bodedern War Memorial

The men of Bodedern on Anglesey are honoured on the village hall at the end of the high street.

Painted blue, the hall gives off a bright clean air and village pride.

Remembered before God are nineteen men of Bodedern who showed no greater love and laid down their lives during the Great War, and two men who will not be forgotten for their sacrifice in the 1939-1945 war.

Each name comes with his address; I wonder if John Williams and William Jones lived up to their house names - Temperance and Vulcan House respectively, and did James Rogers enjoy honey for tea in his house - Bee Hive?


A blood red poppy-wreath scars the ledge.
A scab on the blue step.
The wound never heals.
For a year it is idly picked at,
occasionally scratched,
unconsciously worried over.
For a while it is even left well alone.
Then the itching starts again
and the sore erupts once more
in a fresh bleeding.
Petals ooze up against the wall
in a gushing of grief.

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