Benllech Beach Dog Rules

by Carys Kilkelly

You have some of your Benllech Beach facts wrong! You describe the middle part of the beach as pebbly - wrong!

It is just as sandy as the rest. Obviously you visited when the tide was partly in so did not see that the sand extends for the full length of our beautiful beach.

Dogs on leads are allowed to use the South part of the beach as an access route to the middle part where they are welcome.

The 'path parallel to the beach' does not require dogs to be on leads though the promenade does.

Any visitor with a dog would be put off by your article so please get your facts right!

Ed: Thanks Carys for taking the trouble to contribute to the article about Benllech beach, which I agree is a great location for the family to swim and enjoy other water activities.

It's also got the Anglesey Coastal Path running above the cliff and you are right about the dog rules. Some amazing views from up there.

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Mar 04, 2015
by: Anna

The post on the Benllech Beach Dog Rules was really informative. I am so happy to know about the rules as I love dogs very much. I have a Labrador who is well disciplined. Thank you for so much sharing.

Aug 21, 2012
Dog wardens? How about people wardens?
by: SSJ

I regularly walk a very nervy airdale terrier on Benllech beach (it's the only place he feels safe enough to go more than five metres from me).

I am diligent about keeping him on a lead on the section of the beach where the council rules I should.

However, I have been told off by dog wardens in the past for not walking close enough to the cliffs. To me, this seems a very silly rule. For one, walking on the dry sand is much harder work, for humans and dogs alike and many dog walkers are elderly.

Secondly, while the vast majority of dog walkers are exceedingly diligent about picking up faeces, we cannot, however hard we try, pick up urine. On parts of the beach above the tideline, where we are told to walk, the smell will persist.

Thirdly, this morning alone, without going to look for it, I picked up two cans (with sharp edges left on them), a glass bottle and a plastic glass. I am aware, as a dog walker, that if my dog had put his nose or paws in the wrong place, the edge of the tin can, or a broken piece of glass, I would have had to take him to the vet immediately.

This is a family beach. Children run around barefoot by the stream under the cliff. Again, a misplaced foot, and there would be a piece of glass stuck through a foot betweent he tarsals. I have yet to see a litter warden to control this...

Nov 26, 2011
benllech shops
by: george woolley

As for the beach it is very stony at the left side but the rest is pure sand .I have a dog so walk her on there to the right and I agree the sand beach should be for families and kids.
And dog poo should be picked up.As for Benllech itself there is a good co-op and spar but the two butchers shops are no good at all.

A very good charity shop good for books etc.And 2 good chipies

Cant` wait for next year to get back there .

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