Beautiful Penmon revisited June 2011

by Gill
(Sale, Cheshire)

Told you we'd be back at Penmon! The weather wasn't as good as last June but once again this corner of Anglesey didn't disappoint.

I know that some of you disagree but the £2.50 charge for the toll road is well worth it for the views alone.

We watched the seals diving so close to the shore and the rocks and the sea covered in cormorants going about their fishing.

We sat on the pebble beach and gazed at the view with the camera clicking all the while. Pity the digital broke but never mind, I had a spare camera.

Another excellent cream tea was sampled, served by the friendly staff at the cafe, near the old coastguard houses.

Back to the shore and the pleasure boat making it's way round Puffin Island and a small yacht making it's way along past the lighthouse.

Did you know there is an old Priestholm on the island? St Seiriol is believed to have visited the island on many occasions.

Later some monks settled at Penmon and they also went onto Puffin island.

The tide is very strong between the island and the shore, but still worth the chance to see the Penmon Point or Trwyn Du lighthouse.

Yes it's all simple stuff but it is definitely one of my favourite spots. If you don't believe me go and see.

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