Beaumaris Marina Law Change Hope

by Sarah Jones
(North Wales)

A £14m plan to develop a 400 berth marina at Gallows Point, Beaumaris has been given a lifeline after the Government announced it may amend the Fisheries Act 1962.

The House of Lords had previously thrown out an appeal by Anglesey Boat Company (ABC) to develop the site on mussel and oyster beds in the Menai Straits.

There now seems a new dynamic so that the project which could create 150 jobs may once again be back on track.

Previously, the local mussel and oyster fishing companies had objected to the proposals using the Oyster and Mussel Fishery Order in 1962 Act, under which there could be no development along the seabed which could potentially harm the local fishing industry.

Now the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) wants to amend the law in such a way that a landowner can make a change if they want a development on the land.

If the amendments become law in the autumn then ABC could formally request Crown Estates, owners of the seabed, to allow their project to proceed.

Understandably the reaction of the local mussel and oyster fishing community was one of profound disappointment, with James Wilson of mussel company Deepdock calling it a "terrible" decision.

Mr Wilson felt that they had won the argument and because the developers lost, they now change the rules.

Meanwhile, ABC sees the DEFRA announcement as "great" news.

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Comments for Beaumaris Marina Law Change Hope

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Feb 27, 2015
by: Kimberly

I am a person still believes in law and order and above all that in the God all mighty himself. If you look into every crime, you can see one loophole that the god leaves to be found. There is no one who can escape that at all.

Dec 19, 2013
Mussel Fishermans One Sided Arguments
by: Anonymous

Having lived in Beaumaris, I have seen the effects of the mussel fishermans industrial scale operations on the sandbanks opposite Beaumaris. What was once sand has been turned to mud which is regularly ploughed up by the mussel fishermans activities. It is farcical that they are using an environmental argument to stop the marina, when it is just self interest.

Feb 16, 2010
What a nonsense
by: James

The proposed marina would add beauy, opportunities for family enjoyment and vitality to the area. It would also bring jobs to an area of high unemployment.

If this was at a genuine cost to the environment I could be persuaded it is wrong. But to use an archaic law to protect less than 1% of an extensive mussel fishery is a nonsense.

These vested local interests need to wake up to reality; there is no serious environmental cost and if it is carfully designed, a lot of gain for all the local community. Wake up and get on with it...!

Dec 02, 2009
Beaumaris Marina Opportunities
by: Anonymous

I think you will find that financial interests are at the heart of the Fisherman's argument too.

I have to say though, I am embarrassed to be Welsh when it comes to development. Anything half decent gets knocked back and we remain in the past. No wonder North Wales is so poor and requires EU funding. Every other country in the world wants development, so why not accept it to help local communities.

CONTROL is the answer, why not develop WITH the Council and bring income, investment, jobs and Marina places that people can afford. No wonder Marina spaces are so expensive when they are in such short supply. Why not subsidise them for local people so they can really benefit?

Jul 24, 2009
Beaumaris Marina Speculators
by: John

Why do "developers" always pretend they are doing whatever they are doing in order to create jobs, when they are simply speculating and taking people for a ride in the process?

No one, since history began, ever "developed" anything whatsoever in order to create jobs for other people.

I pity the poor fishermen, financial interests always win in the end!


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