Anglesey Welding Services, Gates, Galvanising And More

by Phil

If you are looking for a welding service in Holyhead or elsewhere on Anglesey then these are the services we provide:







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May 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

please contact
Please contact us on 07907014112 ask for Oli or Phil.

May 23, 2017
Gate Galvanised
by: Richard

I have a garden gate that needs stripping from its paint and some metalwork that might need welding. Could you provide me with a quote or your location and I will bring the gate to you so you can see it. Thank you

Apr 25, 2017
contact details
by: Anonymous

please visit our website
contact details on there

Apr 24, 2017
How to contact you
by: Anonymous

I need some welding on my gates and then painting. How do I contact you?

Mar 17, 2015
Welding Service
by: Anonymous

I have been looking for good welding services for two weeks. I need good and professional person who would give me his services with a guarantee of year. Its a good thing that you are providing free estimates.

Mar 06, 2015
by: Peter Coleman

I have a pair of painted steel gates which I want galvanising. The dimensions are approx. 1.0 x 1.5m. I can transport them to you. Please can you quote me a price?

My phone no. is 01248-600532; e-mail

Feb 23, 2015
by: Shelly

The services offered by the Anglesey Welding Service are superb. The image of the galvanized gate posted on the page seems great. I would like to know of you people offer any guarantee for your services. Please reply soon.

May 24, 2010
folding dinghy launching trolley
by: Anonymous

please visit our new website [.................] for folding dinghy launching trolleys, boat trailers, keel rollers and rubbers, winches, jockey wheels, trailer spares, used boat trailers.
mobile welding on anglesey and north wales for cars, mot failures, marine welding.

Apr 26, 2010
Suggestions as promised
by: Robby

Phil its a decent web page but I feel you could improve it by adding far more examples of your past as diversive as possible. I am assuming you have a portfolio??? if not it may well work in your favour if you develop one so you can not only include stuff here but also show prospective clients.......( if it was me I would be very tempted to photograph work within my capabilities and maybe say they were examples of my work) ...oops!...take care mate see ya soon ,Robby .

May 23, 2009
by: phil the welder

website is now up and running its ............

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